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Ep. 1: "Disastor of the Planet Kinniku Throne Coronation!!"

Ep. 2: "Pick the Castle Battle Sites! The Plot of the Evil Gods!!"

Ep. 3: "The Gong Rings! The 5-on-2 Showdown"

Ep. 4: "The Dreadful Choujin Hawkman!"

Ep. 5: "Danger! Burning Inner Strength"

Ep. 6: "It's a Miracle! Escape from the Choujin Graveyard"

Ep. 7: "Meat's Great Struggle! Catch that Victory"

Ep. 8: "Is it in Time? Friendship Power at Full Throttle"

Ep. 9: "The Dream is Alive! The Muscle Friendship Union"

Ep. 10: "The Mysterious Light!? Burning Texas Spirit"

Ep. 11: "The Deadly Muscle Revenger!"

Ep. 12: "Stand up, Robin! A Cry from the Past"

Ep. 13: "Dye the White Cape in Scarlet"

Ep. 14: "The Unexpected Rival!? The Choujin Blood Brigade Appears"

Ep. 15: "Saving a Friend! Warsman Returns"

Ep. 16: "Ah! A Rain of Blood Splatters on the Ring"

Ep. 17: "Live or Die!? The Two Friendship Powers"

Ep. 18: "Foe or Friend!? The Two Bikemans"

Ep. 19: "Alive Again! Ramenman Lives!!"

Ep. 20: "The Dreadful Prophecy!? March, 1992..."

Ep. 21: "Just Like the Prophecy Said! The Deadly Battle Road"

Ep. 22: "The Evil Angel!? Split Personality Zebra"

Ep. 23: "Great Explosion!! Burning Friendship Power"

Ep. 24: "Until the Bone Melts! The Capillaria Ray"

Ep. 25: "Farewell! Brocken Burns Out"

Ep. 26: "Can You See It!? This is True Friendship Power!!"

Ep. 27: "That One's Life is Important! This is Friendship!!"

Ep. 28: "The Prophecy Page Burns! Soldier Disappears!!"

Ep. 29: "Little Brother! This is the Muscle Spark!!"

Ep. 30: "The Deadly Special Training! Hurry to the Showdown at Osaka Castle!!"

Ep. 31: "Choujin Spirit! Never Give Up!!"

Ep. 32: "Wisdom and Courage! The Magic Ring Death Match"

Ep. 33: "Is That It!? The Complete Muscle Spark"

Ep. 34: "The Legendary Blood! The Two Plots that Scream Death"

Ep. 35: "Four Thousand Chinese Years! Pyramid Power"

Ep. 36: "The Choujin Hunter Omegaman Appears!"

Ep. 37: "Find it! The Proof of the Fake Prince!!"

Ep. 38: "An Ally!? We Meet Samurai"

Ep. 39: "Farewell, Noble Robin!"

Ep. 40: "Can You See It!? The Hellish Metemorphisis Choujin"

Ep. 41: "Showdown With Master Kamehame"

Ep. 42: "Bibinba's Confession of Love!?"

Ep. 43: "Message of Love and Death!"

Ep. 44: "The Final Battle! Evil or Justice?"

Ep. 45: "Never Give Up!!"

Ep. 46: "Kinnikuman is Forever!!"