Soundeffects Wiki

Season 1

Ep. 1

"Messenger From Planet Kinniku"

"The Man From America"

Ep. 2

"The Target is Nessie!"

"Save Planet Kinniku!"

Ep. 3

"Space Monster Invasion"

"Kinnikuman's Great Hustle"

Ep. 4

"Groovy Natsuko"

"Annoying Part-Time Jobs"

Ep. 5

"Kinkotsuman and The Battle of Flesh and Blood"

"Kinnikuman's Broken Heart"

Ep. 6

"Kinnikuman is Sexy!?"

"The Competition's Japanese Representative"

Season 2

Ep. 1

Hero Olympic Volume

Kinkotsuman's trap winding

Ep. 2

Space Marathon Volume

Battle Royale Volume

Ep. 3

Volume of becoming a Natsuko giant

The hidden secret volume

Ep. 4

Gong Final Tournament Volume

Dangerous Terryman Volume

Ep. 5

Great reversal volume

Volume of Deathmatch on Ice

Ep. 6

Death camel clutch roll

Look! This Western Soul Volume

Ep. 7

Terryman Transformed into a Devil

Deadly Boston Club Volume

Ep. 8

Zangaku Alien Appears! Volume

Kinnikuman / Final Advance Volume

Ep. 9

Snow Mountain Secret Special Training Volume

Ramenman rampage volume

Ep. 10

let's go! Combat style volume

It came out! Human rocket volume

Ep. 11

Fear! Robin Special Moves

Death Course Volume

Ep. 12

Electric Amma's Hell Volume

Will Kinnikuman reverse? Volume

Season 3

Ep. 1

Kinnikuman's volume flying to the world

Hawaii! The mysterious volume of the turtle

Ep. 2

7 seconds fall! Volume

No Rope Deathmatch Volume

Ep. 3

Fight one shot Kinnikuman volume

Special Move, Furinkazan Volume

Ep. 4

Defeat the Superhuman Alliance! Volume

Dangerous Suguru Volume

Ep. 5

Volume of the appearance of a horror magician

Volume 4 of murder techniques

Ep. 6

Tendoon vs. Kinnikuman Volume

Skull pose secret volume

Ep. 7

Robin Mask Re-appearance Volume

duel! Amazon Great Valley Volume

Ep. 8

Hell's Aerial Deathmatch Volume

The last volume of Robin Mask

Season 4

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Season 5

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Season 6

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Season 7

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Season 8

Ep. 1

Princeskin Meat Maru / Subversion

The Psycho Superhuman Army Appearance

Ep. 2

Warrior Yamakhan appeared

Transforming Superman Kaleyas's 卷

Ep. 3

Melted Kinnikuman

Great Battle! Where is Mali?

Ep. 4

It's out!

One-on-one combat with Yamakhan

Ep. 5

The strongest!

Justice superhuman, be eternal!

Superman Big Fight

Season 9

Ep. 1

Two Kinnikuman That !?

Protect! The sword of justice

Ep. 2

Coffin delivery person Dirty Baron's 卷

The ring of hell with sparks

Ep. 3

Dormant volcano explosion !?

Wild Bact of the night fog

Ep. 4

Evil !! Bact Trump's 卷

Alive Dirty Baron

Ep. 5

Three-dimensional playing cards of horror

Shreds! Terryman's 卷

Ep. 6


Buffaloman who became a devil

Ep. 7

Ramenman's determination

Special Move, Guangzhou Waterwheel

Ep. 8

Skewered! Ramenman's 卷

Sichuan, Great Shoryu!

Ep. 9

It's a disadvantage! Anomalous tag match

Sky Devil's Great Monster

Ep. 10

Desperate! Robin Mask's 卷

Bulldogky's sword that killed a thousand people

Ep. 11

Anger! Brocken Jr.

Threat! Reaper's Seven Tools

Ep. 12

Behold! The Great Battle of the Century

Burning Inner Strength + α

Ep. 13

Long horn turbulent hit!

Whose hand is the sword of justice !?

Season 10

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