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Loud Nigra, also known as the Loudest Orgasm Ever, refers to an audio clip of a black porn actor screaming very loudly while having an orgasm. For the time being, information regarding the origin of Loud Nigra is scarce. The video was originally posted online by Creampie Cathy, the actress that appears in the video. The man is referred to as Ben in the video, possibly known as "Big Ben" based on the source video "Wife Enjoys Big Ben". Because of this possible nickname, some have inferred the man to be British. Today, the scream is mostly used in various videos on the large-video publishing platform "YouTube", for whenever a man, or male character is under extreme pain, and/or stress.

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Porn Sites:

  • Creampie Cathy (Debut; heard first in "Wife Enjoys Big Ben".)


  • SiIvaGunner (Heard first in "Isle Delfino - Super Mario Sunshine".)
  • SMG4 Videos

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