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Look Mom! I Have Good Manners is a 2004 video.


Where does your napkin go? Do you have to share all your toys? What's the proper way to tell someone they have a phone call? Why should you raise your hand in school? Is it okay to double-dip a chip? Kids will laugh and learn as they play along with friendly and humorous host Willy Dooright in this hilarious game show "Look Mom, I Have Good Manners".

Interactive, fun and entertaining, this programs shows viewers that manners are more than just a bunch of stuffy, boring rules. The program shows that manners are a guide to help people get along with each other through simple-kindess, consideration, respect and common sense.

Questions are asked and answered in 5 major categories including: Mealtime, Playtime, Telephone, School and Healthy Manners. Kids will want to keep score and watch this interactive program over and over again while they learn fundamental and necessary manners.

Sound Effects Used

This video is mainly used Hanna-Barbera and Series 6000 sound effects, with a few occasional sound effects from Hanna-Barbera Lost Treasures and Series 6000 Extension I.

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