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Lon Bender's Wacky World of Robots, Widgets, and Gizmos is a sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was originally released in 2000. Some of the effects are remixed from existing sound libraries such as Cartoon Trax Volume 1, Hanna-Barbera, Series 4000, and Warner Bros. This library is commonly used in anime, not so much in other media.

Sound Categories


Machines-Servos, Servos

Robot Head Hit Bonk LB010101

Robot Head Hit Bonk LB010201

Robot Head Hit Bonk LB010202

Robot Head Hit Bonk LB010203

Robot Elements For Sw LB010301

Televisions & Shows, FX

Channel Change Rotar LB010401

Channel Change Rotar LB010402

Tvcomputer Power Dow LB010501

Machines-Servos, Servos

Robot Finger Grab Pop LB010601

Machines-Winches & Gears, Various

Mini Telescope Updow LB010701

Mini Telescope Updow LB010702

Mini Telescope Updow LB010703

Auto Magnifying Glas LB010801

Resetting Knobs Holl LB010901

Hydraulic Gear Air Hi LB011001

Machines-Various, Vending

Candy Machine Knob LB011101

Cartoon & Comedy, Cartoon FX

Candy Machine Comp LB011102

Weapons-Ancient, Swords

Sword Fight Metal Bla LB011801

Sword Fight Metal Bla LB011802

Sword Fight Metal Bla LB011803

Cartoon & Comedy

Self Boxing Machine LB012001

Robot Goes Insane LB013302

Ascending Strings LB013401

Ascending Strings LB013402

Cartoony Impacts Boi LB014001

Robot Snortbounce Me LB014103

Weird Talking Device LB014501

Robot Body Movements LB014702

Cartoony Bounces LB014901

Cartoony Bounces LB014902

Cartoony Bounces LB014903

Suction Boink LB015101

Ahoogah Robot LB015201

Funky Metallic Drum LB015901

Scifi Rhythm Loop Car LB016601

Scifi Rhythm Loop Car LB016602

Computers & Beeps

Mad Scientists Lab LB016901

Hospital BGs

Ominous Lab Machine LB017401


Computers & Beeps, Beeps & Tones

Chirpy Radar Compute LB020101

Chirpy Radar High Com LB020102

Hi Tech Buzzes Comput LB020201

Hi Tech Beepsbuzz Com LB020301

Hi Tech Beepsbuzz Com LB020302

Hi Tech Beepsbuzz Com LB020303

Hi Tech Beepsbuzz Com LB020304

Hi Tech Beepsbuzz Com LB020305

Hi Tech Beepsbuzz Com LB020306

Hi Tech Beepsbuzz Com LB020307

Computers & Beeps

Plucked Tones Comput LB020401

Plucked Tones Slow Co LB020402

Plucked Tones Comput LB020403

Plucked Tones Comput LB020404

Computer Working Rap LB020501

Computer Working Rap LB020502

Computer Working Rap LB020503

Computer Working Rap LB020504

Computer Working Rap LB020505

Rapid Burst Computer LB020601

Rapid Burst Computer LB020602

Laser Writing Comput LB020701

Laser Writing Comput LB020702

Laser Writing Comput LB020703

Laser Writing Comput LB020704

Laser Writing Comput LB020705

Laser Writing Comput LB020706

Laser Writing Comput LB020707

Laser Writing Comput LB020708

Laser Writing Comput LB020709

Laser Writing Comput LB020710

Laser Writing Comput LB020711

Laser Writing Comput LB020712

Fast Repeating BeepR LB021301

Futuristic Computer LB021901

Futuristic Computer LB021902

Confused Beeps Carto LB022201

Confused Beeps Carto LB022203

Lab Computer Beeps Pr LB022511

High Warning Beeps St LB023103

Graphics Shimmer Syn LB023601

Sci-Fi Eerie FX

Magic Throw Synth Ris LB023701

Computer & Beeps

High Tones Pitch Up Su LB024407


Robot Comes To Life Mu LB024901

Robot Comes To Life Mu LB024902

Cash Box Bell Small Se LB025201

Robot Steady To Die Rh LB026201

Robot Steady To Die Rh LB026202

Robot Steady To Die Rh LB026203

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