Season 1

"The Big 1–3"

"Double Date"

"The Science Project"

"Caution: Wormhole!"

"The Hero of Urbit-Knarr"

"Daydream Transceiver"

"Campout on Zoltan III"


"Kurtlas, the Symbiotic Boy!"

"Babysitter Lloyd"

"Android Lloyd"

"Nerd from Beyond the Stars"

Season 2

"Girl from the Center of the Universe"

"Nora's Big Date"

"Pet Wars"

"Lloyd Changes His Mind"

"Boomer's Secret Life"

"Francine's Power Trip"

"Lloyd's Lost Weekend"

"You're Never Too Old"

"The Big Sleepover"

Season 3

"Gimme Some Skin"

"Incident at Luna Vista"

"Big Brother Kurt"

"The Thrilla at Intrepidvilla"

"That's Debatable"


"Space Farm"

"Love Beam #9"

"Neither Boy nor Girl"

"Cheery Theerlap, Lloyd"

Season 4

"A Place for Larry"

"The Big Feud"

"Halloween Scary Fun Action Plan"

"At Home with the Bolts"

"Heads Up, Blobberts!"

"Commander Lloyd"

"Day One"

"Go Crater Worms"

"The Ride Along"

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