"Meeting With a Small Machine"

"The Lost Achilles"

"Hell's Destroyer"

"The Cursed Golden Knight"

"The Dark Assassin"

"Showdown: Sniper vs. Sniper"

"My Name is "Innovator""

"The Great Labyrinth, Angel Star"

"The Steel Monster Ijiteus"

"The Mysterious Transfer Student, Jin Kaidō"

"Magician in a Box"

"The Dark Field: The Underground Viscidus"

"Joker: The Attack of the Evil Clones"

"Play-Off: The Emperor"

"The Power to Save the World"

"The Infiltrated Black Fortress"

"The Fated Reunion"

"Artemis Opening"

"The Fierce Fight: Jin and Rex"

"The Troublesome Tournament"

"Explosive: The Super Plasma Burst"

"The Mysterious Player: Yuuya Haibara"

"The Face Off: Battle Royal"

"The Shocking Last Battle"

"The Start of a New Battle"

"The Flash LBX, Pandora"

"Awaken! A New Machine"

"Odin's Sortie"

"The Legend of the Super Hacker Otacross"

"Break In, God Gate"

"Aim for Akihabara Kingdom"

"The Opening of Akihabara Kingdom"

"Gouda VS. Sendou"

"Clash! Ban VS. Jin"

"Shock, The Sun God Apollo Kaiser"

"Humanity's Hope, Eternal Cycler"

"Fort Tank Bardoma"

"When The Seekers Revive"

"Stand Up, Ban!"

"Exposed Ambition"

"When the Devil Ascends"

"The All-to-Stake Final Mission"

"The Great Battle in the Sky"

"Those Who Change the World"

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