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8th August, 2020 - 20th June, 2021

Learning with Thomas (originally titled as Learn with Thomas) is the second out of four mini series of online videos made to celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Railway Series, the first being Thomas' Magical Birthday Wishes, and the third being The Sodor Springtime Parade. The series revolves around Thomas and Percy as they learn how to solve a problem and prepare for certain events with creativity. The series shares its name with the Learn with Thomas episode end segments, but it is structured similarly to its predecessor and the first four videos of Playing Around with Thomas & Friends. Much like Thomas' Magical Birthday Wishes, Rob Rackstraw and Rachael Miller dub over many of the characters featured and the UK cast provide the voices for both English speaking territories, though many of the featured characters do not have any dialogue aside from Thomas and Percy. The series, like its predecessor, was animated by WildBrain Studios, but the lighting matches the sunnier tone of the main show much more, and the background and scenery are comparatively more detailed.

On 6th May, 2021, a second series was announced and was released on 9th May, 2021. This fills in the fourth and final slot of the anniversary shorts series. Unlike the first series, the second series is released on Sundays instead of Saturdays, however, international channels still upload the episodes on the former date.


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