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January 13, 2006 (United States)

Last Holiday is a 2006 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Wayne Wang and Robert Zemeckis and written by Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman. Loosely based on the 1950 British film of the same name by J. B. Priestley, the film stars Queen Latifah as Georgia, a humble store assistant who is told that she has a rare brain condition and only has a few weeks to live. She promptly decides to spend her last funds on a luxury holiday in Europe before she dies.

Price and Seaman wanted John Candy for the main role, but he died to which Latifah's agent suggested a new version starring her. Produced by Robert Zemeckis' ImageMovers, the film was released by Paramount Pictures on January 13, 2006. The film was a box-office bomb, having grossed $43.3 million against a budget of $45 million and received mixed reviews from critics, though Latifah's performance was universally praised for charm and humor.


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