Soundeffects Wiki

Season 1

Ep. 1: "This Self Proclaimed Goddess and Reincarnation in Another World!"

Ep. 2: "An Explosion for This Chuunibyo!"

Ep. 3: "A Panty Treasure in This Right Hand!"

Ep. 4: "Explosion Magic for This Formidable Enemy!"

Ep. 5: "A Price for This Cursed Sword!"

Ep. 6: "A Conclusion to This Worthless Fight!"

Ep. 7: "A Second Death in This Freezing Season!"

Ep. 8: "A Loving Hand for Our Party When We Can't Make It Through Winter!"

Ep. 9: "God's Blessing On This Wonderful Shop!"

Ep. 10: "A Final Flame for this Over-the-top Fortress!"

OVA: "God's Blessings on This Wonderful Choker!"

Season 2

Ep. 1: "Give Me Deliverance from this Judicial Injustice!"

Ep. 2: "A Friend For This Crimson Demon Girl!"

Ep. 3: "Peace for the Master of This Labyrinth!"

Ep. 4: "A Betrothed for This Noble Daughter!"

Ep. 5: "Servitude for This Masked Knight!"

Ep. 6: "Goodbye to This Irritating Living World!"

Ep. 7: "An Invitation for This Knucklehead!"

Ep. 8: "Sightseeing in This Pitiful City!"

Ep. 9: "A Goddess for This Corrupt Hot Springs Town!"

Ep. 10: "God's Blessing on This Wonderful Party!"

OVA: "God's Blessings on This Wonderful Work Of Art!"