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Knight Rider, commonly known by fans as Knight Rider: The Movie, is a 1987 American action crime drama film written by Lawrence Kasdan and directed by Brian De Palma. Based on the 1982 television series of the same name, the film stars David Hasselhoff, William Daniels, Edward Mulhare, Patricia McPherson and Rebecca Holden as its main cast. The film follows Michael Knight, a high-tech, modern crime fighter assisted by KITT, an advanced, artificially intelligent, self-aware, and nearly indestructible car.

During the production of the film, actors who previously starred in the series reprised their roles with the exception of Richard Basehart, who died in September 1984.

The film premiered in Kennedy Center on July 8, 1987 and was released in the United States by Universal Pictures on July 11, 1987, to generally positive reception from critics and fans. Critics praised the performances, characters, action sequences, story, De Palma's direction, KITT's screentime and faithfulness to the spirit of the source material.

The film grossed $103.3 million worldwide against a $56 million budget. It was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actor for Hasselhoff, Best Film Editing, Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Effects Editing. In April 2004, the film was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant".

Sprocket Systems (now known as Skywalker Sound) provided Post-Production Sound Services: Gary Rydstrom did the sound design, Gary Summers and Ronald Jacobs are the Supervising Sound Editors. Richard Beggs, Richard Hymns and Tom Johnson served as the Re-Recording Mixers and Sandina Bailo-Lape is the Dialogue Editor, while Ken Fischer, Mary Helen Leasman, Jenny Oznowicz and Scott Chandler did the sound effects editing. The Assistant Sound Editors are Melissa Dietz, Gloria D'Alessandro, Paige Sartorius, Suzy Friedman, T.M. Christopher, David Slusser, Jenny Stein and Ewa Sztompke. Dennie Thorpe performed foley with Tom Johnson as a recordist.


Michael Long is an undercover cop who is seriously wounded during his assignment. Nursed back to health by a mysterious benefactor (chairman and CEO of Knight Industries), he regains consciousness as a new man with a new face and a new name: Michael Knight. His mysterious benefactor (through the guise of associate Devon Miles) provides Michael with equipment and support so that he can continue his crime fighting against those who operate above the law. The most notable piece of equipment supplied, is "KITT", a nearly indestructible, high-performance car fitted with artificial intelligence.

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