Ep. 1: "The Faithful Meeting, Open the Door of Happiness!"

Ep. 2: "Gu~suka, Pillow is Bo~orn"

Ep. 3: "What-meow! Chaco came out!"

Ep. 4: "Working in the Antique Shop? / Helping Mom!"

Ep. 5: "Ruby, Arriving in Style!"

Ep. 6: "Hoho~, Marme has come!"

Ep. 7: "Cocotama Castle Uproar"

Ep. 8: "Nice to Meet You: Ojou's Debut-jo"

Ep. 9: "Ojou comes down from the Mountain! / Operation Smile Get"

Ep. 10: "Pan-Pon Pantonio"

Ep. 11: "Its right there! / Please don't say Goodbye"

Ep. 12: "The Cocotama Restaurant's Aspiring Chef"

Ep. 13: "Chaco becomes a Waitress / Scope the Star Wanderer"

Ep. 14: "Cocotama Camping Joy♪ / The Compact that Delivers Smiles"

Ep. 15: "Tuxy-Dreesy Ushishishi~"

Ep. 16: "Christmas in Big Trouble!?"

Ep. 17: "Ribbon works hard! / Goodbye Ribbon"

Ep. 18: "The Baby Cocotamas, Tsu-Mi-Ki!"

Ep. 19: "Cocotama Shop, Open!"

Ep. 20: "A Nice Doctor came! / Looking for a Cocotama!"

Ep. 21: "The Cocotama Clinic, Yeah!"

Ep. 22: "I hate this Medicine! / Serving some Sweets"

Ep. 23: "Dodonn~ Rannin has Arrived!"

Ep. 24: "Tsu Is Missing!? / Do your best, Big Sister Haruka"

Ep. 25: "Nachu becomes a mom!? / Onward! Cocotama Bus"

Ep. 26: "Amelie is Raining Down!"

Ep. 27: "Ribbon and Amelie, Working Together! / The Legendary Cocotama Town"

Ep. 28: "Happy Cocotama, Getchom"

Ep. 29: "Do Your Best, Cocotama Town Complete"

Ep. 30: "Cocotama Activity With A Lot Of Smile"

Ep. 31: "Mysterious Egg Has Arrived!"

Ep. 32: "Surprised! Secret Of The Egg/Hold It Right There! Patrol!"

Ep. 33: "Amelie And Cocotama Land"

Ep. 34: "Protect The Cocotama Castle!"

Ep. 35: "The Tiara Goddess, Tia/Search The Firefly"

Ep. 36: "The Secret Of Cocotama Town"

Ep. 37: "Gu~suka, Pi~suka, Sleepy Team/Don't Want To Be A Princess!?"

Ep. 38: "Cocotama Police 24 Hours/Chaco And The Grandpa Gummy-Gummy"

Ep. 39: "A Big Panic Until It Fell/Shine! Idol Cocotama, Main"

Ep. 40: "Idol Mode On!/Aim! Space!"

Ep. 41: "Nicky Is Coming!"

Ep. 42: "Nicky Ninja Training/Lend Me Your Strength! Cooking Class"

Ep. 43: "Haruka Birthday Protection Squad!"

Ep. 44: "Special Offer, Pashari!"

Ep. 45: "Buttocks Champion! Decisive Battle/Let's Make Cocotama News!"

Ep. 46: "The Return Of Sebastian/Big Pinch! Rescue Haruka!"

Ep. 47: "Training! Combination Magic/Showdown! An Forest Of Minus Power"

Ep. 48: "Cocotama Castle Was Stolen/Where Are We Going? Cocotama World"

Ep. 49: "We Finally Make It! Cocotama World"

Ep. 50: "Full Fledge Cocotama VS Sakura Town Protection Squad"

Ep. 51: "Tsu-Mi-Ki To A Magical Journey/Cocotama Town Is A Mess!?"

Ep. 52: "Everyone Let's Help Sakura"

Ep. 53: "Hundred Of Cocotama Achieved?"

Ep. 54: "Onwards! Sakura Town Protection Squad!!"

Ep. 55: "Save Sakura Town, Open! The Door Of Happiness"


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