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The King And Odie

Riches To Rags

Nose For The Noose

Drumming Up The Bongos

How High Is Up?

Royal Amnesia

Loon From The Moon

Royal Bongo War Chant

Showdown At Dhyber Pass

Duel To The Dearth

Ringside Riot

Bringing In Biggie

Confound It Confusion

Paris Pursuit

The Awful Tower

Beatnik Boom

Call Out The Kids

Trial Of The Traitors

Battle Slip

Heroes Are Made...With Salami

The Big Freeze

Perfume Panic

Style Awhile

Sticky Stuff

Am I Glue

Double Trouble

Switcheroo Ruler

The Legend of Leonardo The Neat

Home Neat Home

No Bong Bongos

The Ad Game

Debased Ball

Bats In The Ballpark

Long Lost Lennie

Ghosts Guests

Fatal Fever

Pulling The Mane Switch

Dim Gem

The Clanking Castle Caper

The King And Me

The Loves Of Lynetta Lion

The Sport Of Kings

Black Is White

True Blue Blues

My Dog Has Fleas

Lead Foot Leonardo

The Rat Race

The Obey Ball

Out Of The Depths

The Loco Play

Romeo And Joliet

If At First You Don't Succeed

Try, Try Again

Long Laugh Leonardo

He Who Laughs Last

East Side, West Side

Coney Island Calamity

An Ode In Code

Two Beneath The Mast

Hip Hip Hypnosis

Odie Hit The Roadie

Hunting A Hobby

Teeing Off

Smarty Gras

Bayou Blues

Stage Struck

One Way Ticket To Venus

Back To Nature

My Vine Is Your Vine

The Tourist Trade

Bye Bye Bicycle

Chicago Shenanigans

Loop The Loop

Uranium On The Cranium

Mistaked Claim

The Trail Of The Lonesome Mine

The Treasure Of Sierra Bongo

Fortune Feller

Wild And Wobbly

Introducing Mr. Mad

Falling Asleep


Spring Along With Itch

Left Alone Leonardo

A Tour de Farce

Get 'Em Up Scout

The King Camps Out

Offensive Defensive

A Long Long Trail A-Binding

Treasure Train

Handcar Heroes

Honey Hungry

Bye Bye Bees

The Royal Race

The Shifty Sail

Asleep on the Deep

An Ace for a King

Odie Takes a Dive

Go and Catch a Falling King

Royal Rodeo

Ride 'em Cowboy

S.O. Essex Calling

The Big Falling Out

Long Days Journey Into Fright

Making A Monkey Shine

Tooter Turtle

Two Gun Turtle

Tailspin Tooter

Sea Haunt

Highway Petrol

Knight Of The Square Table


The Unteachables

Kink Of Swat

One Trillion B.C.

Olimping Champion

Stuper Man

Buffaloed Bill

Moon Goon

Robin Hoodwink

Steamboat Stupe

Souse Painter

Railroad Engineer

Quarterback Hack



Jerky Jockey

Fired Fireman

Sky Diver

Tuesday Turtle

Snafu Safari


The Master Builder

Taxi Turtle

Canned Camera

Muddled Mountie

Duck Haunter

Bull Fright

News Nuisance

The Sheep Of Araby

Waggin' Train

Anchors Awry


Rod And Reeling

The Man In The Blue Denim Suit

The Hunter

Brookloined Bridge

Counterfeit Wants

Haunted Hunter

Fort Knox Fox

Stealing A March


Concrete Crook

Subtracted Submarine

Risky Ransom

Unfaithful Old Faithful

The Armored Car Coup

Telephone Poltergeist

Sheepish Shamus

Rustler Hustler

The Case Of The Missing Muenster

The Great Train Robbery

Florida Fraud

The Great Plane Robbery

Girl Friday

Stamp Stickup

Statue Of Liberty Play

The Frankfurter Fix

The Case Of The Missing Mower

Fancy Fencing

Racquet Racket

Seeing Stars

The Elevator Escapade

Hula Hoop Havoc

The Counterfeit Newspaper Caper

Diamond Dither

Grand Canyon Caper

Borrowed Beachland

Peek-A Boo Pyramids

Lincoln Tunnel Caper

TV Terror

Bye Bye Bell

Time Marches Out

Fox's Foul Play

Bow Wow Blues

Breaking In Big

The Bank Dicks

Eye On The Ball

Breakout At Breakrock

Getting The Business

An Uncommon Cold

The Pickpocket Pickle


The Big Birthday Blast

Under The Spreading Treasure Tree

School Days, Fool Days

Fall Of The House Of The Hunter

Oyster Stew

The Stolen Spoon Saga

Under Par

Chew Gum Charlie

Using The Ole Bean

The Case Of The Hunted Hunter

The Purloined Piano Puzzle

Record Rocket

The Hunter's Magic Lamp

Hunter Goes Hollywood

Two For The Turkey Trot

Captain Horatio Hunter (Part 1)

The Horn Of The Lone Hunter (Part 2)

Little Boy Blues


Twinkles and the Houseboat

Twinkles and the Haunted House