February 24, 2005 (UK)
April 8, 2005 (U.S.)

Disney’s Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama (also known as The Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama or Kim Possible: Day of the Diablos in the working title) is a 2005 Disney Channel Original Movie produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. It is the second TV film based on the animated television series Kim Possible. This film includes a mix of hand-drawn animation and computer animation.

The film premiered April 8, 2005 on Disney Channel. It was the first animated Disney Channel Original Movie. This film was aired before the last few episodes of the series' third season.

The film was originally intended to be the series finale but Disney Channel ultimately renewed the series, and the fourth season of Kim Possible premiered on February 10, 2007, with events of the series continuing after the movie itself. The film also features Christy Carlson Romano's single "Could It Be". The film features a plot similar to the first aired episode of the series, "Crush".


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