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Ep. 1: "Setouchi Keijo Training School!!!!"

Ep. 2: "The Hip Toss Brings Us Together!!!!"

Ep. 3: "Vacuum Butt Cannon!!!!"

Ep. 4: "The Battle for the Fastest Butt!!!!"

Ep. 5: "Full-Auto Cerberus!!!!"

Ep. 6: "Alluring Kyoto Trip!!!!"

Ep. 7: "Where the Turnips Lead!!!!"

Ep. 8: "The Dramatic East-West War!!!!"

Ep. 9: "Ruler of the Jungle Gym!!!!"

Ep. 10: "The Second East÷-West War Race!!!!"

Ep. 11: "The Castle of the Final Match!!!!"

Ep. 12: "The Heated Battle's Rear-End!!!!"


"Figure 8utt"


"From Empty Room to Store Room"

"East-West War Eve"

"Midnight Buttle"

"Forever a Keijo Competitor"