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Ep. 1: "Hello! Commander!"

Ep. 2: "Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Resentment!"

Ep. 3: "The Operation to Capture W Island!"

Ep. 4: "Now It's Our Turn! Follow me!"

Ep. 5: "Don't Compare Me to the Girls in Carrier Group Five!"

Ep. 6: "Destroyer Division Six and the Battle of Curry Seas!"

Ep. 7: "I Hate Carrier Group One!"

Ep. 8: "I'm Not a Hotel!"

Ep. 9: "Second Remodel-poi?!"

Ep. 10: "Let's Do Our Best!"

Ep. 11: "Operation MI Begins!"

Ep. 12: "Enemy Planes Dive-Bombing From Above!"