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Arc 1, First Part

Ep. 1: "Birth! Little God / Kokoro, Builds a House!?"

Ep. 2: "The Piano Goddess, Melory-nano♪ / Cocotama Housecleaning!"

Ep. 3: "The Cocotamas Goes to School / The Rabbit God"

Ep. 4: "Big Pinch! Oshaki can't come out-desu!!"

Ep. 5: "The Laughing God? Geracho-datcho!"

Ep. 6: "A Very Exciting Great Camping Adventure!?"

Ep. 7: "The Sexy Cocotama ♡ Kirarise / Good luck! Mom"

Ep. 8: "SOS!? Mogutan Appears"

Ep. 9: "Decisive Futsal Match!"

Ep. 10: "Look for the Tama-Senin! / Tama-Senin's Game!"

Ep. 11: "Candy Shop Babanban!"

Ep. 12: "Goodbye, Cocotama House"

Ep. 13: "Kokoro's Heart-Pounding Christmas / The Cocotama's Suspenseful Christmas"

Ep. 14: "The Cocotama Twins' Splashing Appearance! / Sarine and Parine's secret"

Ep. 15: "Sorry for Waiting! My name is Mishil!! / The Mysterious Spy! Codename 346"

Ep. 16: "Expanding the Cocotama House! / The Great Postal Service Pursuit!"

Ep. 17: "Kokoro's Secret"

Ep. 18: "Oni! Beans! Setsubun! / Snow Surprise! A Snowy World"

Ep. 19: "The Big Valentine Operation!"

Ep. 20: "The Straytama Trio Arrives!"

Ep. 21: "Mom gets Angry / Not Again! The Straytama Trio"

Ep. 22: "Hina and the Ohina Doll"

Ep. 23: "Aim to be an Idol!"

Ep. 24: "Oshaki Moves out / From the Drawer"

Ep. 25: "Geracho's Training!? / Let's all Touch Amanda!"

Ep. 26: "Another Contractor"

Arc 1, Second Part

Ep. 27: "Happy Hunter Nozomi & Vivit"

Ep. 28: "The Cocotama Contract Renewal!? / Supermarket Paradise-Daguu!"

Ep. 29: "Onward! Terepon Shopping!! / Run Amanda"

Ep. 30: "Pinco and Renge were born here!"

Ep. 31: "Fly to the Sky Cocotama / Operation Mother's Day!"

Ep. 32: "Go for First Place!!"

Ep. 33: "The "Luck" in Fortune Telling!? / Kokoro's a Gaming God!?"

Ep. 34: "Mishil's Crucial Moment! / Ichinose's Many Secrets"

Ep. 35: "Catch a UFO!"

Ep. 36: "Wet in the Rain♪ Cocotama House / Hungry Straytama Trio!"

Ep. 37: "Geracho has a Disciple!? / Akane comes in"

Ep. 38: "A Straytama's Feelings"

Ep. 39: "The Happy Hunters go to the Amusement Park!"

Ep. 40: "The Cocotama Land is Done!"

Ep. 41: "The Game in the Library! / Y~ou won't go to the Infirmary!?"

Ep. 42: "We'll all make a New Menu! / Cocotama Land Summer Pool"

Ep. 43: "The Yukata Big Wave! / The Cocotamas go to the Summer Festival!"

Ep. 44: "To Grandma's House"

Ep. 45: "The Cocotama Summer Adventure!"

Ep. 46: "Aim for the Happy Stars! / Memories of Summer"

Ep. 47: "Cocotama Chore Operation! / The Smiling Baby Cocotama, Nicolie"

Ep. 48: "Throb Throb! Kokoro's Birthday"

Ep. 49: "Welcome, Nicolie / That's it, I'll write a letter"

Ep. 50: "Straytama Trio: The Gods of Love? / Come work, Happy Ukero!"

Ep. 51: "A Cinderella Happening"

Ep. 52: "The Birth of Queen Mishil!? / Kokoro and Luckytama: Memories of that day."

Ep. 53: "Kirarise's Fashionable Class / Chewing Bell Peppers!"

Ep. 54: "Be Quiet when Reading / Melory the Poster Girl-nano♪"

Ep. 55: "Surprise! Halloween Party"

Ep. 56: "My Codename is 753 / The Ban Ban Dashi Dashi Super Training!"

Ep. 57: "Burn with Passion! Geracho-sensei / Smile for our Friendship Photo!"

Ep. 58: "A Loving Big, Refreshing Bathtime! / Mush Mukunyu, The Drawing Board God!"

Ep. 59: "The Search for the Sacred Egg!"

Ep. 60: "Beating the Cold! / Nicolie's in Trouble!? Hurry Pinco!!"

Ep. 61: "Slip Slip! The Cocotama Skating Competition / Vivit's been Followed!"

Ep. 62: "Kokoro and Nozomi's Pajama Party"

Ep. 63: "Christmas in Cocotama Land"

Ep. 64: "A Cocotama New Year's Dream Panic! / Gooey Mochi Kirarise"

Ep. 65: "That One Special Seat / Headmaster Kokoro's Piano Lesson♪"

Ep. 66: "Nozomi's Feelings, Vivit's Feelings"

Ep. 67: "A Cocotama's Hidden Taste / The Comedic Soccer Fight!"

Ep. 68: "Scattering Beans! The Setsubun Battle!! / HotNicole's Infirmary"

Ep. 69: "A Brother's Love... / Everyone's Happy Valentine!?"

Ep. 70: "A Big, Exciting Television Debut"

Ep. 71: "The Travelling Cocotama, Yuki / Mishil and Mogutan: Happy Hunters?"

Ep. 72: "Always Happy! Mukumuku Arrange / The Rabbit God, Again"

Ep. 73: "Catching the Sunset!? / Search for the Wedding Ring"

Ep. 74: "I'll make a Wish for Nozomi!"

Ep. 75: "Wake up! Vivit"

Ep. 76: "Everyone's big Love! Cocotama!!"

Arc 2: Raichi and Hikari

Ep. 77: "Exciting Spring ♪ Cocotama Activity / The Cocotamas Broke the House"

Ep. 78: "Camping with Everyone! / Geracho's Training Journey?"

Ep. 79: "Let's go to the Movie Theater / Secrets of the Cocotama World!?"

Ep. 80: "A Temporary Contract? Raichi is born"

Ep. 81: "Can't do Magic!? Go for it Raichi"

Ep. 82: "A Cocotama Activity with Amanda / Dreams for a Guest House-nano♪"

Ep. 83: "Welcome to the CocoTre House! / Parine's Easy Moments"

Ep. 84: "Kirarise VS Aoyama / Presenting, the Great Cocotama Athletic Meet!"

Ep. 85: "I'm Picota, nice to meet you"

Ep. 86: "Chin-Chin V-V Illusion!? / Mogutan is Here Training?"

Ep. 87: "The Cocotama Clinic Opens!"

Ep. 88: "Refreshed Feelings! Sarine's Prospective / Ayaka and Ukero's Baseball Class"

Ep. 89: "Picota's going to School / Cocotama Spy Melory-Nano~"

Ep. 90: "Welcome Back! Nozomi & Vivit / The Opening of the New Pokopoko Shop!"

Ep. 91: "The Return of the Happy Hunters"

Ep. 92: "Patarina's Cleaning Duties / Cocotama Land Summer Festival"

Ep. 93: "Big Trouble!? Picota's Dream Stage"

Ep. 94: "Kokoro and Nozomi's Summer Vacation"

Ep. 95: "The Great Summer Island Adventure"

Ep. 96: "Throb Throb! The Secret Club of Secrets / Following where Nicolie is going"

Ep. 97: "Picota is now Graduating"

Ep. 98: "Kokoro's Small Surprise Birthday"

Ep. 99: "Chocolancy, the Hot-blooded Cocotama!"

Ep. 100: "The Cocotama Academy Opens! / The Straytama Trio's Newest Member!?"

Ep. 101: "Chocolancy's School Exploration"

Ep. 102: "Taking a Bath is Fun♪ / Kurun and the Pretty One-Piece Dress"

Ep. 103: "Getting Nicolie's Smile Back! / Kirarise's Search for Happiness"

Ep. 104: "Wall News is an Art / Senior Picota has arrived"

Ep. 105: "The Cocotama Halloween Mystery"

Ep. 106: "The Fall Sweets Cooking-Dagu~ / Don't Give Up! Chocolancy!!"

Ep. 107: "Tepple and the Broken Music Box / Nice to Meet You? I'm a Scraptama"

Ep. 108: "Change! Geracho and Niche / Both of them Disbanded!?"

Ep. 109: "The Ban Ban Dash Dash Special Training! / Protect the CocoTre House"

Ep. 110: "Oshaki Sings!! / The Cocotama House is breaking down!?"

Ep. 111: "Warm Pocaline"

Ep. 112: "Letters from a Schoolbag"

Ep. 113: "A Contract in the Snow-Falling Night / Cocotama Santa, Dispatch!"

Ep. 114: "Pocaline's Admiration / Duel! Patarina vs Hotney!"

Ep. 115: "Kotatsu Paradise / Heaton, the Scarf God"

Ep. 116: "Go Go Yuuki / Awawa's Big Refreshing Adventure"

Ep. 117: "Aim for the Miracle Magic! / Kirarise does her best"

Ep. 118: "Heaton and Pocaline / What is it, an Oni's behind us?"

Ep. 119: "Go Forth, Hikari and Raichi! / The Last Valentines"

Ep. 120: "Ukero's Awesome Cheering Squad! / Get into the Rhythm ♪ Kokoro-sensei"

Ep. 121: "Let's go home"

Ep. 122: "Two People, One Legend / Kokoro and Hikari's bond tested"

Ep. 123: "It's a Hikari Magic!"

Ep. 124: "Cinemaru's Movie Paradise"

Ep. 125: "Cocotama, A Week of Secrets"

Ep. 126: "Please Remember! Kokoro!"

Arc 3: Lost Pants Arc

Ep. 127: "The Search for the Adult Pants"

Ep. 128: "Beside you, Tama-Shine appears!"

Ep. 129: "Kanna's CocoTre Training / Let all Flowers Bloom"

Ep. 130: "Duel! Tama-Shine and Tama-Sennin"

Ep. 131: "Kokoro's Treasures / Detective Osharlock"

Ep. 132: "The Unhindered Suie!"

Ep. 133: "Suie and the Unhindered Search! / Shine! Kirarise"

Ep. 134: "A Huge Magical Problem!? / The StrayTama Park on Fire"

Ep. 135: "Dad is Busy Working / The Adult Pants were Found!"

Ep. 136: "Rescue Kokoro! The Cocotama Trials"

Ep. 137: "The Big Chase in the Cocotama World!"

Ep. 138: "Saving the Cocotama World!"

Ep. 139: "Together Forever, Cocotama"