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KPM is a music library from APM. Founded in 1930 by Robert Keith and Peter Maurice, KPM Music has been widely used in TV and film.

Used In

TV Shows

TV Specials


  • Inacio Studios Media
  • Marioception (SMG4) (Theatreland is heard once)
  • The Mr. JB Show (lotusbandicoot)
  • Poorly Animated Shorties (theultimatetroopers)
  • Weird Mushroom: Super Mario Maker Parody (Shock Horror is heard once)


  • Denny's - Breakfast Skillets (1997) (Man About Town is heard once)
  • Honey Comb - Mansion (1997)
  • Super Mario All Stars Mail In (1994) (Happy Go Lively is heard frequently)
  • Lowe's Flower Frog (2016) (Shock Horror is heard frequently)


Video Games


  • AMC Theatres (1980)
  • Channel Television
  • Cobra Media (1982) (Moog Statement 14 is heard once)
  • Crown Movie Classics (1986) (Moog Statement 14 is heard once)
  • Cyclo Video
  • Golden Book Video (1985-1986)
  • Gold Key Entertainment (1970)
  • Internacional Video Sistemas
  • Kids Edutainment Video (1988-1990) (Setting Sail is heard once in a low pitch)
  • Media West Home Video (1990s-2004) (Moog Statement 14 is heard once)
  • Muppet Video
  • Prestige Video
  • Rene Malo Video (1983-1986)
  • Kodak Video (1982-1987)
  • Thorn EMI Video Australia
  • Lo Wei Motion Picture Co. Ltd.
  • United/VCI Home Video
  • VCII Video
  • VCX Video
  • Worldvision Home Video (Moog Statement 14 is heard once in a low pitch)

Other Media

YouTube Videos


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