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Nintendo DS
NA: October 17, 2006
PlayStation 2, Xbox
NA: November 22, 2006
EU: December 8, 2006
AU: December 22, 2006

Justice League Heroes is a 2006 console video game for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 platforms. It was developed by Snowblind Studios, published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in conjunction with DC Comics and was distributed in Europe by Eidos Interactive. Based on the long-running comic book series Justice League, it was written by comic book writer Dwayne McDuffie. It uses the Snowblind Studios game engine.

Three handheld Justice League Heroes games were released at the same time for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable. Planned GameCube, Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions were cancelled. The Nintendo DS game shares a similar visual style and gameplay mechanics to the console game, but serves as a prequel to its story. This version was developed by Sensory Sweep Studios. The GBA version is titled Justice League Heroes: The Flash and focused primarily on The Flash. The game featured 2D sidescrolling action gameplay and a sidestory to the console game's plot. This version was developed by WayForward Technologies.


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