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Jungle Kurobe (ジャングル黒べえ, Janguru Kurobē) is a comedy anime series based on the manga series created by Fujiko F. Fujio. Created by the same team of Doraemon and clearly influenced by it, it tells the adventures of a Tarzan-like child and his friends in modern Tokyo. It consists of 61 episodes and was originally broadcast on TV Asahi.


Kurobe, the son of the King of the Pygmy tribe ( parody of the Pygmy tribe ) who lives in the jungle of Africa, misunderstands the jet plane as a big bird and clings to the wheels to catch it, but falls over Japan with all his might. The story of a gag touch that, when he was taken care of by Toshiie, he caused a turmoil with magic and magic that he was good at trying to give back to Toshiie.

Air Date

March 2, 1973 – September 28, 1973

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