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JumpStart Spanish is a JumpStart game developed by Funnybone Interactive and released by Knowledge Adventure in 1997. It is intended to teach basic Spanish for ages 3-6. In the game, the player joins Hopsalot in his clubhouse and plays various activities that teach Spanish.


Most activities in the game have two levels: Level 1 (Explore), and Level 2 (Game). On level 1, the player is allowed to freely click around and learn how to say different things in Spanish. There are no objectives in this mode, other than to gain exposure to the Spanish language. On level 2, the player is given objectives that require correctly identifying the meaning of certain Spanish words. In this mode, the player can also earn stars, which are displayed at the bottom left corner of the screen in the toolbar. Each time the player earns five stars, they can pick out a new fish for their aquarium.

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