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Opening Theme

Ep 1.: "Easy as Pie"/"Take a Bow"

Ep 2.: "Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm"/"Up, Up and Away!"

Ep 3.: "Hide and Go Dinky"/"Fire Chief Says"

Ep 4.: "Confetti Caper"/"JoJo on the Tightrope"

Ep 5.: "Try These on for Boing!"/"Happy Birthday Tater!"

Ep 6.: "Cotton Andy"/"Nighty Night"

Ep 7.: "Seal Fright"/"Skeebo's Missing Hat Trick"

Ep 8.: "The Legend of Clownfoot"

Ep 9.: "The Circus Shh Shh"/"The Little Big Top Boogie Band"

Ep 10.: "Drum Roll Please"/"Cannonball JoJo"

Ep 11.: "Flower Shower"/"The Itchy-Oochy Scratch Patch"

Ep 12.: "Messy Mess"/"Pop Up!"

Ep 13.: "The Watchamadoodle"/"What's the Trick?"

Ep 14.: "Zero Heroes"/"The Spudinski's New Act"

Ep 15.: "Jojo Signs Up"/"The Un-Average Day"

Ep 16.: "Mirror Mirror"/"Trina Trips Up"

Ep 17.: "The Clown Family Picnic"/"Dinky's Dance"

Ep 18.: "Hamster-Cize"/"Shoo Fly Shoo!"

Ep 19.: "A Circus Town Christmas"

Ep 20.: "The Lost Roar"/"Helping Hands"

Ep 21.: "Skeebo's Pet"/"Follow That Rainbow"

Ep 22.: "A Case of the Sillies"/"Hide and Go-Liath"

Ep 23.: "Funny Bunnies"/"Ivan the Bearable"

Ep 24.: "JoJo to the Rescue"/"A Clown Ride"

Ep 25.: "Charlie the Clown Baby"/"Fire House Day"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "Sleep-Over Surprises"/"How Does Your Garden Grow?"

Ep 2.: "Fit as a Tickle"/"Pedal Pushers"

Ep 3.: "A New Twist"/"Lost and Found"

Ep 4.: "The Best Breakfast Ever"/"Popcorn Panic!"

Ep 5.: "Frown Fighters"/"Goliath the Great!"

Ep 6.: "Hi There, Small Fry!"/"My Dinner With the Tightropes"

Ep 7.: "My Favorite Frogsitters"/"Night of the Teddy Bear Dance"

Ep 8.: "100 Days and Counting"/"Hoop Happy"

Ep 9.: "Charlie the Clown Baby Returns"/"Fishing Trip"

Ep 10.: "Goliath Gets a Boo Boo"/"Join the Club"

Ep 11.: "The Mane Event"/"Stuck On You"

Ep 12.: "The Robot Clown"/"Mice Capades"

Ep 13.: "A Circus Town Wedding"

Ep 14.: "Get Crabby"/"Bouncing Bowling Ball"

Ep 15.: "The Octopus Ride"/"Hiccup Helper"

Ep 16.: "Follow That Monkey"/"X Marks The Spot"

Ep 17.: "Happy Hoppy Day"/"Brushing Up"

Ep 18.: "The Cricketeers"/"Tickled Pink"

Ep 19.: "Practice Makes Perfect"/"Happy Not-Birthday Skeebo"

Ep 20.: "Best Pet in Circus Town"/"Picture Perfect"

Ep 21.: "Make It Snappy"/"Harpo Come Home"

Ep 22.: "Circus Town Hoedown"/"Time Flies"

Ep 23.: "The Thanksgiving Hip-Hooray Parade"

Ep 24.: "Quiet Magic"/"Too Many Toys"

Ep 25.: "Silly Silly Putt Putt"/"Ride Em Goliath"

Ep 26.: "The Giggle Kite"/"Chores Galore"

Ep 27.: "A Snowclown for Dinky"/"Skating Away"

Ep 28.: "Simply Ear-Resistible"/"Hula is Cool-a"

Season 3

Ep 1.: "Hula Is Cool-a"

Ep 2.: "Stuck on You"

Ep 3.: "Silly Silly Putt-Putt"

Ep 4.: "The Giggle Kite"

Ep 5.: "Princess for a Day"

Ep 6.: "Pie in the Sky"

Ep 7.: "My Granny's Shoes"

Ep 8.: "JoJo and the Beanstalk"

Ep 9.: "Circus Town Makeover"

Ep 10.: "My Clowny Valentine"/"Hop Hooey!"

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