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Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)




Season 1

Ep. 3 "What I Do Best"

Ep. 9 "Look What I've Got"

Ep. 10 "Tread Carefully"

Ep. 12 "Almost Famous"

Ep. 19 "Grown Up for a Day"

Ep. 20 "Mid Mileage Crisis"

Ep. 22 "Junkyard"

Ep. 23 "Start to Finish"

Season 2

Ep. 7 "Every Dumper's Dream"

Ep. 10 "Days of Blunder"

Ep. 15 "Space Invaders"

Ep. 17 "Going Solo"

Ep. 20 "Parp Idle"

Ep. 23 "Emission Impossible"

Ep. 24 "Hi-Pitched Bozer"

What episodes are these shots from?

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