Soundeffects Wiki

"Let's Collect Magic Gems!"

"It's Gone!"

"The Jewel Break!"

"Friends Labu!"

"I Want it No Matter What!"

"The Rose is Blooming!"

"Pet Me, paca!"

"Jewelpet Elections!"

"The Fortune-telling Pudding!"

"The Red Moon is an Ill Omen!"

"It's the Athletic Meet!"

"Gokuro-san Trio-mochi~!"

"There's a Dragon!"

"Taira-kun is Amazing!"

"Delivering Letters!"

"Ride the Waves!"

"A Test of Courage, Jewel-rimpa~!"

"Mōri-kun, Table Tennis"

"It's Cold, It's Cold!"

"The Coffee Beans on the Mountaintop!"

"It's Not Enough, Labu!"

"Vegetable Sommellier!"

"Apprentice Puppy!"

"Brown Bear School!"

"A Stage Play with Prase~!"

"A Beauty at the Jewelpet Cafe!"

"World Champion is Amazing, paca!"

"A Blue Bird came Flying!"

"It's Not Good If You Only Wish~!"

"Jewel Halloween!"

"Marie's Deepest Secrets!"

"I Got Eaten!"

"Farewell, Jewelpet Cafe!"

"The Jewel Academy is Gone!"

"Happiness Secret Base!"

"Baby Jewelina!"

"I Want Friends!"

"Sing, Jewel Christmas!"

"I Forgot!"

"Jewel Defense Force Scramble~!"

"Where's my Pretty Jewelpet?"

"Jewel Relay Race Go! Fight~!"

"The Last Scene Didn't Came Out!"

"It doesn't sparkle anymore~!"

"Valentine's Day Roll~ing!"

"EK Men! Ba-Kyu~n!"

"Black Jewel Castle Desu!"

"Someone came from Outer Space~!"

"Unhappiness sukapo~n!"

"I'll Protect the Happiness!"

"Chiari Transforms~!"

"Laughing Together, that's Happiness!"