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Jeff Hutchins recording Hollywoodedge, Stream Small Gentle PE042701 in Athens, Ohio

Jeffrey A. "Jeff" Hutchins (born August 10, 1963 in Newfane, New York) is a sound designer and sound editor for Hacienda Post/Flash Bomb Audio, Warner Bros. Sound/Audio Circus, and formerly Twenty-First Century Entertainment; he also has his own studio, Jeff Hutchins Sound Design, in Oxford, California. Jeff Hutchins is the sound designer of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise (sound post-production began at Horta Editorial and left Hacienda Post in 2007, moving to Oracle Post then and relocating to Atlas Oceanic Sound and Picture in 2012). One of his teachers in sound is Joel Valentine, whom he assisted on The Pirates of Dark Water Season 3. He created the Glacier Sound Design library , composed of 39 CDs , with a Warner Bros. sound designer; he also contributed over 20 sound effects to The Premiere Edition Volume 1 & The Edge (Volumes TBA), Series 8000 Sci Fi Warp 3 Sound Effects Library, and other libraries.


Sound Effects Created by Jeff Hutchins

(*May or may not be on the Glacier Sound Design library.)

Sound Effects Most Used by Jeff Hutchins

Jeff Hutchins tends to use Hanna-Barbera Sound Effects Library & Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library, and uses Cartoon Trax Volume 1 more than Joel Valentine.

Sound Effects Libraries He Uses

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