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Opening Theme

Season 1

Ep 1.: "Pie Filling"

Ep 2.: "The Salmon of Knowledge"

Ep 3.: "Ferny is a Bug"

Ep 4.: "The Case of Big Sty"

Ep 5.: "All Night Long"

Ep 6.: "Picture Perfect"

Ep 7.: "Teacher Creature"

Ep 8.: "Molly’s Dolly"

Ep 9.: "Song of the Banshee"

Ep 10.: "Our Dragon’s Egg"

Ep 11.: "The Cat Came Back"

Ep 12.: "Good Neighbour"

Ep 13.: "Rock Around the Cluck"

Ep 14.: "Donkeys Into Racehorses"

Ep 15.: "Fir Not"

Ep 16.: "The Legend of Raloo"

Ep 17.: "Sheep On the Loose"

Ep 18.: "Milk Melodrama"

Ep 19.: "No Girls Allowed"

Ep 20.: "New Best Friends"

Ep 21.: "Treasure Hunt"

Ep 22.: "For Whom the Bell Trolls"

Ep 23.: "A Little Bit of Something Extra! Extra!"

Ep 24.: "Ferny Gets a Crush"

Ep 25.: "My Right Arm"

Ep 26.: "Lucky U"

Ep 27.: "Ferny Wears the Star"

Ep 28.: "Molly Had a Little Lamb"

Ep 29.: "Trial and Error"

Ep 30.: "Rain, Rain Go Away"

Ep 31.: "A Touch of Spain"

Ep 32.: "Dannan’s American Cousin"

Ep 33.: "Waking Thor"

Ep 34.: "Father’s Day"

Ep 35.: "Growing Pains"

Ep 36.: "Dannan Does a Jig"

Ep 37.: "Searching for a Shamrock"

Ep 38.: "Wish Upon a Story Part 1"

Ep 39.: "Wish Upon a Story Part 2"

Ep 40.: "The Creepy Cabbages of County Galway"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "The Haunted Shipwreck"

Ep 2.: "The Monkey"

Ep 3.: "Judging a Book By Its Cover"

Ep 4.: "Return of the Raloo Rockers"

Ep 5.: "How Much is That Dragon in the Window?"

Ep 6.: "Mi Galeon"

Ep 7.: "The Gift"

Ep 8.: "Tale Spinner"

Ep 9.: "Hector's Hero"

Ep 10.: "Macarooned"

Ep 11.: "Mind Your Manners"

Ep 12.: "The World According to Molly"

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