Season 1

"The Dark Hand"

"The Power Within"

"The Mask Of El Toro Fuerte"

"Enter the Viper"

"Shell Game"

"Project A, For Astral"


"Tough Break"

"The Rock"

"The Jade Monkey"

"The Dog And Piggy Show"

"The Tiger And The Pussycat"

"Day Of The Dragon"

Season 2

"Through the Rabbit Hole"

"The Warrior Incarnate"

"Snake Hunt:"

"Mother Of All Battles"

"The Stronger Evil"

"The J-Team"

"Jade Times Jade"

"The Curse Of El Chupacabra"

"Rumble In The Big House"

"Lost City Of The Muntabs"

"And He Does His Own Stunts"

"Showdown in the Old West"

"Queen Of The Shadowkhan"


"Shanghai Moon"

"The Lotus Temple"

"Armor Of The Gods"

"Agent Tag"

"Tale Of The Demon Tail / Demon In Di-Skies"

"The Return Of The Pussycat"

"Scouts Honor"

"Danger In The Deep Freeze"

"Into The Mouth Of The Evil"

"The King And Jade"

"The New Atlantis"

"The Eighth Door"

"Demon World - part 1"

"Demon World - part 2"

"Enter The Cat"

"Pleasure Cruise"

"Tough Luck"

"The Chosen One"

"Glove Story"

"The Chan Who Knew Too Much"

"Chi Of The Vampire"

"The Good, The Bad, The Blind, The Deaf And The Mute"

"Shrink Rap"

"I'll Be A Monkey's Puppet"

"The Amazing T-Girl"

Season 3

"Re-Enter The J-Team"

"The Powers Unleashed"

"Viva Las Jackies"

"Aztec Rat Race"

"Monkey A Go-Go"

"When Pigs Fly"

"Rabbit Run"

"Sheep In, Sheep Out"

"The Invisible Mom"

"A Jolly J-Team Xmas"

"Little Valmont, Big Jade"

"The Ox-Head Incident"

"Animal Crackers"

"Tohru Who?"

"Re-Enter the Dragon"

"A Night At The Opera"

"Attack Of The J-Clones"

Season 4

"The Mask Of The Shadowkhan"

"Samurai Ratso"

"The Amazing T-Troop"

"The Black Magic"

"The Demon Behind"

"Fright Fight Night"

"Half A Mask Of Kung-Fu"

"The Shadow Eaters"

"The Good Guys"

"Déjà Vu"

"J2: Rise Of The Dragons"

"The J-Tots"

"Ninja Twilight"

Season 5

"Relics Of Demons Past"

"It's All In The Game"

"Black And White Chi All Over"

"Dragon Scouts"

"The Demon Beneath My Wings"

"Mirror, Mirror"

"Antler Action"

"Clash Of The Titanics"

"Stealing Thunder"

"Weight And See"

"The Powers That Be - Part 1"

"The Powers That Be - Part 2"


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