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Jumanji Lion Roar is a super loud lion roar Skywalker Sound sound effect from Jumanji and Monsters, Inc. This Lion Roar sound effect is a mixture of a dragon blowing fire and a tiger growling.

Used In

TV Shows

  • Jumanji (TV Series)
  • The Little Kids and the Friends Show (heard once in "The Animals", "Pretending Circus" and "Pet Love" Used for Mandy the Cat when he roars at Little Clown Fish.)
  • Road Rovers (Heard in "A Hair of the Dog That Bit You".)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (Heard in "The Camping Episode".) (The similar of used for Sea Bear when he roars.)
  • The Tom and Jerry Show (Heard once in "Franken Kitty".)
  • Tom the Hand (Heard once in "Tom and Mark Go Random".)
  • Toopy and Binoo (Heard once in "Tiger Toopy")



Video Games

PlayStation 4:

Microsoft Xbox One:


  • Disney Channel HD US Halloween Adverts 2017 - 31 Days of Halloween
  • Freeform's 13 Nights of Halloween Commercials 2016-2017

Theme Parks



TV Spots

YouTube Videos

  • Tonia LaJaunie Videos (Heard in Dr. Seuss' Crash Bandicoot™ The Movie: The Thievius Raccoonus", Used for Blanky's roar said "SHUT UP!", Jimmy Neutron's roar shouted "JUST SHUT UP!", and Elroy Jetson was anger with roar echoed through the destroy the TV and throw out into the furious said "ELROY!".)
  • WhitneyGoLucky (Used for any dragons, monsters and dinosaurs.)

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Audio Samples

Jumanji Lion Roar Short Version Jumanji Lion Roar Long Version