Season 1

“Not Found Here”

"Ant Ray Vision; Moving On Up"

"Balance; Ick Alone"

"Burdette Queen Ant; One Monkey Too Many"

"My Friend Will Bee Right Back; Learning to Fly"

"Spirit; Shell"

"Out on a Limb; The More Things Change"

"Dancing; King of the Tree"

"Burdette Bald Eagle; Hot Ice"

"Color My World; Smooch's Caterpillar"

"Mini Monkey; The Five Senses"

"Wartz's Workout; Hot Enough for You?"

"Windy Night; So Long Planty"

"Hold on Rainbow; Where Have All the Berries Gone?"

"Down In The Dumps; Who Moved My Sunflower?"

"The Big Sneeze; Go to Sleep Wartz"

"Sappy Monkey; Growing Pains"

"The Itch; Everything's Going to Be Just Fine"

"What a Wonderful Leaf; Roots Rock"

"Making Tracks; Map It Out"

"Hide and Seek; Take Care of Yourself"

"World Tree Day; World Tree Cuisine"

"The Sloth Must Be Crazy; Smarter Than You Think"

"Fish Out of Water; Burdette's Nest"

"Bones; Food and Plenty of It"

"The Sting; Growing"

"The Big Race; You Are What You Are"

"Madge Is Missing; The Anteater Songbook"

"Get Well Moon; Take Your Time"

"A Bird Tale; Friendship"

"Eyes and Noses; Snook's Songbook"

"The Hatch; Sounds of the Forest"

"Guardians of the Sappenwood Tree; Over the Hills and Far Away"

"Oko's Birthday; Spinning a Tale"

"Echoes; A Good Heartbeat"

"Sleepover; The Disappearing Waterhole"

"Flying Fish; Smooch and Winslow's Songbook"

"Sloth Lessons; The Avocado Queen"

"In Good Voice; Wartz's Family Tree"

"Big Big Waterhole; Oko's Songbook"

Season 2

"Hanging With a Sleepy Sloth; Enough Is Enough"

"Winslow Is It; The Fourth R"

"Making New Friends; Little Things"

"Things That Go Bump; What's That Smell"

"Why Can't I Fly; Big Big Dinner Party"

"Winslow's Gone Bananas; I Love Purple"

"Big Book of Babies; Club Craze"

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