Season 1

"I Knew at First Glance That It Was No Ordinary Fluffball"

"The Girl Who Loved Wheat and the Girl Loved by Azuki Beans"

"Do You Remember the First Day You Got Drunk? You Tried to Light a Campfire in Your Own Home, Didn't You?"

"Your Lucky Items are Vegetables, Crime, and Punishment"

"Cocoa and Murderous Intent Without Malice"

"A Story About Telling a Story"

"Call Me Sister"

"Wet with Pool Water, Wet with Rain, Wet with Tears"

"Aoyama Slump Mountain"

"The Anti-Sister Battle Corps, Also Known As the Chimame Corps"

"The Girl Dons a Red Coat and Drives a Team of Rabbits Across the Christmas Eve Night Sky"

"For You, I Can Sleep Late"

Season 2

"Her Smile And Flash Are Annoying, That's My So-Called Older Sister"

"The Ash-Colored Rabbit and the Ash Princess"

"The Legendary Twirl Dancing Duck Squad"

"Cocoa-senpai's Elegant Tea Party Tutorial"

"I Could Tell with One Bite That It's Just a Normal Chewy"

"Wood-Framed Town Mission Complete"

"That Babyish Little Child Vanishes Like a Soap Bubble"

"Sneaking Stalking Stalker Story"

"The Furball Launches a Suicide Attack and a Cruel Button is Fired"

"A Day in Search of E"

"Stardust Mayim Mayim"

"The Treasure is Your Decisive Moment"

Season 3


OVA: ~Sing For You~

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