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Iris, The Happy Professor (also known as Professor Iris) is a Canadian-produced television show that ran for 156 episodes from 1992 to 1994, created by former Belgian-born comic book artist Henri Desclez and revolving around Professor Iris, a purple ibis who teaches a class of three students - Piano, Skeleton, and Plant. The Professor teaches a variety of subjects to his students and always wears a bowtie based on whatever the lesson is.


This world-class preschool series places children in a wacky classroom where Professor Iris reveals the extraordinary behind the ordinary, whether it’s milk from cows or the change of seasons. Professor Iris sings and dances his way through lectures and into the hearts of his students.


Sound Effects Used

This show uses several Series 1000, Series 2000, Series 4000, Lucasfilm, Series 6000, Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. effects. As well as some Valentino, BBC Records, Series 3000, Audio Fidelity, Premiere Edition Volume 1, BBC Sound Effects Library - Original Series and Universal Studios effects.

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