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Sozo Haran was a brilliant scientist who was conducting an investigation on Mars. He created a lifestyle cyborg with the ability to think for itself. These cyborgs called Meganoids soon became out of control and killed Dr. Haran and his entire family, although he could save his youngest son, a boy of 16 years Banjou Haran. Banjou escapes from Mars in a rocket with a super robot powered by solar energy called Daitarn 3 who was built with special metals Mars. Now 18 and living on Earth in a luxurious mansion, Banjou fight against Meganoids with the help of his faithful assistant Garrison and his two companions, an ex-agent of Interpol Reika Sanjo and his childhood friend "Beauty" Tachibana. Together they must stop the evil Meganoids wicked who seek to turn all humans into cyborgs and thus "improve" the human race.

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  • 3 June 1978 – 31 March 1979

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