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For anyone who's new to this site, here's how to add images on the Image Gallery pages properly.

1. First, click Edit which will send you to the "ClassicEditor." Once you're there, you can add a Gallery on the Image Gallery section in either Visual or Source mode.

2. Click in the area below the Image Gallery text as shown in the shots of each mode, then click Gallery in the "Add Features and Media" section on the right.

3. Click Add a photo, then click Upload photo. Browse for the image you have saved on your computer or flash drive. Once your image is uploaded, type in a description in the Describe this photo section and click Done. Then click Finish on the bottom right.

Here are examples on how the description should be on a page:

4. Then click Publish on the right. And you're finished.


Don't add links to the images, we don't allow that on here since images are meant to be viewed at a larger scale, not to go to another link.