Soundeffects Wiki

For anyone who's new to this site, here's how to add OGG audio files on the Audio Samples pages properly (and it has to ONLY be OGG audio files).

Note: If you have a different audio file of a sound effect, convert it to OGG here .

1. First, click Edit which will send you to the "ClassicEditor." Once you're there, you can add an OGG audio file on the Audio Samples section in either Visual or Source mode.

2. Click in the area below the Audio Samples text as shown in the shots of each mode, then click Photo in the "Add Features and Media" section on the right.

3. Click Choose File. Browse for the OGG audio file you have saved on your computer or flash drive. Once your audio file is uploaded, click Add photo on the bottom right.

4. Then click Publish on the right. And you're finished.


Don't use the "Appearance on Page" section, since it will pop up the audio file image that shouldn't be there. The player should be the only thing shown on the section.