Season 1

Ep. 1.: "The Crappy Cliff"

Ep. 2.: "A Lemony Lesson"

Ep. 3.: "The Arena of Death"

Ep. 4.: "One Shot Wonder"

Ep. 5.: "The Stacker"

Ep. 6.: "War De Guacamole"

Ep. 7.: "Sugar Rush"

Ep. 8.: "4Seeing The Future"

Ep. 9.: "The Snowdown"

Ep. 10.: "Double Digit Desert"

Ep. 11.: "Aquatic Conflict"

Ep. 12.: "Crappy Anniversary"

Ep. 13.: "Inanimate Smackdown"

Ep. 14.: "The Great Escape"

Ep. 15.: "The Tile Divide"

Ep. 16.: "The Penultimate Poll"

Ep. 17.: "Journey Through Memory Lane Part 1"

Ep. 18.: "Journey Through Memory Lane Part 2"

Season 2

Ep. 1.: "Breaking The Ice"

Ep. 2.: "Marsh On Mars"

Ep. 3.: "Tri Your Best"

Ep. 4.: "Cooking for the Grater Good"

Ep. 5.: "A Kick In The Right Direction"

Ep. 6.: "Let Er R.I.P."

Ep. 7.: "Everything's A-OJ"

Ep. 8.: "Theft and Battery"

Ep. 9.: "Rain On Your Charade"

Ep. 10.: "Mazed and Confused"

Ep. 11.: "Kick The Bucket"

Ep. 12.: "Alternate Reality Show"

Ep. 13.: "Mine Your Own Business"

Ep. 14.: "Hatching the Plan"

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