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April 13, 2022 - present

Ice Age: Scrat Tales is an animated short film series that premiered on April 13, 2022 on Disney+.


Ice Age: Scrat Tales is a series of six all-new animated shorts starring Scrat, the hapless saber-toothed squirrel of the Ice Age adventures, who experiences the ups and downs of fatherhood, as he and the adorable, mischievous Baby Scrat, alternately bond with each other and battle for ownership of the highly treasured Acorn.

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(Scrat's autotuned yell sound clip, which was repeatedly used a few times throughout "Lofi Scrat Beats to Sleep/Chill To".)

(Sound Ideas, HIT, CARTOON - COCONUT HIT 01 in a higher pitch as heard in "X's and Uh-O's".)