Soundeffects Wiki


Season 1

"They Called Him Pleskit!"

"Aliens to Blow Up Earth!"

"Alien Dinner Massacre!"

"They Saved Grandpa's Brain!"

"They Shoot, They Splorked!"

"I Was Dealt a Dung Deal!"

"Sixth Grade Rebellion Mayhem!"

"Pre-Teen Party from Outer Space!"

"The Haunting of Blim Blomkins!"

"Alien Time Warp Madness!"

"Alien Dustbuster Bedlam!"

"My Bodyguard Is a Rat Fink!"

"Woodlander Bodysnatcher Pandemonium!"

"Floormat from the Putrid Lagoon!"

"Invasion of the Substitute Teacher Superfiend!"

"Alien Snogorama Snafu!"

"Alien Appliance Outbreak!"

"Gro-Gro-Grown-Up Dementia!"

"The Return of Captain Driscoll!"

"School Dance Gone Wrong!"

"Escape from Planet Earth!"

"Attack of the 1000 Foot Veeblax!"

Season 2

"There's an Alien in My Seat!"

"I Am Larrabe Hicks!"

"Hevi Hevi Beat Crazy!"

"Once Upon a Robot!"

"Alien Tracker Freak-a-Mania!"

"Bride of Pleskit!"

"The Revenge of Septic Willy!"

"Alien Quiz Show!"

"Escape from Zartopia!"

"McNally the Menace!"

"Dr. Pleskit and Mr. Ventraa!"

"Super-Fiend Strikes Back!"

"Great Coville Galaxies!"

"A Very Buttsman Christmas"

"Truth-O-Rama Crunchdown!"

"His Girlfriend Is an Alien!"

"To See the Invisible Geek!"