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Season 1

"Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats"

"Horrid Henry: Moody Margaret Moves In"

"Horrid Henry and the Tooth Fairy"

"Horrid Henry: Who Stole Mr Kill?"

"Horrid Henry Goes to Work"

"Horrid Henry's School Fair"

"Horrid Henry's Sports Day"

"Horrid Henry's Hike"

"Horrid Henry's Christmas"

"Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter"

"Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady"

"Horrid Henry's Birthday"

"Horrid Henry's Hobby"

"Horrid Henry and the Time Machine"

"Horrid Henry Goes Swimming"

"Horrid Henry Eats Out"

"Horrid Henry and the Dinner Guests"

"Perfect Peter's Horrid Day"

"Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick"

"Horrid Henry's Horrid Revenge"

"Horrid Henry's Sick Day"

"Horrid Henry's Perfect Day"

"Horrid Henry and the Secret Club"

"Horrid Henry and the Injection"

"Horrid Henry's Time Capsule"

"Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend"

"Horrid Henry's Horrid Heroes"

"Horrid Henry Runs Away"

"Horrid Henry's Haunted House"

"Horrid Henry's Hideo Video"

"Horrid Henry's Underpants"

"Horrid Henry: Computer Whizz"

"Horrid Henry Makes Some Money"

"Horrid Henry and the New Teacher"

"Horrid Henry Meets the Queen"

"Horrid Henry's New Shoes"

"Horrid Henry's Household Chores"

"Horrid Henry: Where's Fluffy?"

"Horrid Henry's Fairy Dance"

"Horrid Henry's Horrid Hamster"

"Horrid Henry's Diary"

"Horrid Henry Aquarium"

"Horrid Henry Tidies Up"

"Horrid Henry's Wedding"

"Horrid Henry's Dance Class"

"Horrid Henry Reads a Book"

"Horrid Henry Trapped!"

"Horrid Henry's Sleepover"

"Horrid Henry's School Trip"

"Horrid Henry's Holiday"

"Horrid Henry: Happy Birthday Peter!"

"Perfect Peter's Revenge"

Season 2

"Horrid Henry's Favourite Day"

"Horrid Henry and the Best Boy's Club Sleepover"

"Horrid Henry's Hiccups"

"Horrid Henry and the Alien Invasion"

"Horrid Henry and the Lost Dog"

"Horrid Henry Gets a Job"

"Horrid Henry: Perfect Peter's Pen Pal"

"Horrid Henry, Horrid Headmaster"

"Horrid Henry and the Name Game"

"Horrid Henry's Happy Birthday Steve!"

"Horrid Henry: Perfect Peter Pumps Up"

"Horrid Henry and the Perfect Plant"

"Horrid Henry's School Play"

"Horrid Henry and the Gross DVD"

"Horrid Henry: Perfect Peter, Popstar"

"Horrid Henry's Smelly Stuff"

"Horrid Henry Goes Fishing"

"Horrid Henry's Petsitting Service"

"Horrid Henry's Heist"

"Horrid Henry and the Big Dig"

"Horrid Henry and the Ice Cream Dream"

"Horrid Henry and the School Uniform"

"Horrid Henry's Secret Surprise"

"Horrid Henry on TV"

"Horrid Henry's House Party"

"Horrid Henry's Happy Family"

"Horrid Henry Cooks a Meal"

"Horrid Henry and the Walking Stick Gang"

"Horrid Henry's Fun Run"

"Horrid Henry's Winter Wish"

"Horrid Henry and the Perfect Pirate Parade"

"Horrid Henry Gets Married"

"Horrid Henry, Untouchable"

"Horrid Henry and the Go Kart"

"Horrid Henry and the Green Machine"

"Horrid Henry's Summer Camp"

"Horrid Henry, When I'm King"

"Horrid Henry on Trial"

"Horrid Henry Takes the Biscuit"

"Horrid Henry's Haircut"

"Horrid Henry: Ace Reporter"

"Horrid Henry Changes a Nappy"

"Horrid Henry Gets Spots"

"Horrid Henry Says Goodbye"

"Horrid Henry and the Gross Question"

"Horrid Henry and the Birthday Present"

"Horrid Henry and the Zombie Hamster"

"Horrid Henry Takes a Shortcut"

"Horrid Henry and the Antiques Rogue Show"

"Horrid Henry and the Killer Boy Rats"

"Horrid Henry Goes to the Movies"

"Horrid Henry Meets B.B. Silver"

Season 3

"Horrid Henry, Rockstar!"

"Horrid Henry and the Special Spinner"

"Horrid Henry and the Weird Werewolf"

"Horrid Henry Delivers a Message"

"Horrid Henry and the Perfect Plane"

"Horrid Henry and the Time Manager"

"Horrid Henry's Skipping Lesson"

"Horrid Henry and the Climbing Frame Clincher"

"Horrid Henry and the Winning Ticket"

"Horrid Henry and the Booger Bogey"

"Horrid Henry's Horrible Homework"

"Horrid Henry: Aliens Ate my Homework"

"Horrid Henry: Grown Up"

"Horrid Henry and the Terrible Teacher"

"Horrid Henry and the Tickly Treats Thief"

"Horrid Henry Goes to the Park"

"Horrid Henry and the Special Spa Day"

"Horrid Henry and the Day of the Dinosaur"

"Horrid Henry: Perfect Peter's Perfect Day"

"Horrid Henry: Alone At Home"

"Horrid Henry's Unhappy Day"

"Horrid Henry and the Scary Scooter"

"Horrid Henry: The Purple Hand Gang Rules O.K!"

"Horrid Henry and the Silly Siblings"

"Horrid Henry and the Christening Crisis"

"Horrid Henry, Stamp Collector"

"Horrid Henry, Bogus Babysitter"

"Horrid Henry and the Fashion Show"

"Horrid Henry: Moody Margaret, Superstar"

"Horrid Henry and the Bogey Brain Sleepover"

"Horrid Henry and the Movie Star"

"Horrid Henry's Perfect Protest"

"Horrid Henry Joins the Best Boys Club"

"Horrid Henry Goes to the Theatre"

"Horrid Henry and the Early Christmas Present"

"Horrid Henry and the Boodle Poodle"

"Horrid Henry and the New Best Friend"

"Horrid Henry, Horrid Boy?"

"Horrid Henry, So Not a Girl!"

"Horrid Henry, Here to Entertain You!"

"Horrid Henry in Detention"

"Horrid Henry and the Code Crackers"

"Horrid Henry, My Weird Family"

"Horrid Henry, It's all Your Fault!"

"Horrid Henry, Rocking the World"

"Horrid Henry, Nothing but the Truth"

"Horrid Henry Delivers the Milk"

"Horrid Henry Goes Gross"

"Horrid Henry: Money Talks"

"Horrid Henry Sells the School"

"Horrid Henry and the King of Bling"

"Horrid Henry Goes Bananas"

Season 4

"Horrid Henry’s Comic Caper"

"Horrid Henry Knows It All"

"Horrid Henry Does His Homework"

"Horrid Henry and the Horrid Hat"

"Horrid Henry's Hit Song"

"Horrid Henry Flicks the Bogey"

"Horrid Henry: I Am Not A Hamster"

"Horrid Henry Plays Air Guitar"

"Horrid Henry and the Dangerous Data"

"Horrid Henry and the Perfect Parents"

"Horrid Henry and the Single Sock Saga"

"Horrid Henry Tells the Truth"

"Horrid Henry and the Phantom Phone"

"Horrid Henry Loses Rude Ralph"

"Horrid Henry Eco Warrior"

"Horrid Henry Gives It All Away"

"Horrid Henry Rewrites the Rules"

"Horrid Henry's Marvellous Motto"

"Horrid Henry's Daring Deed"

"Horrid Henry Goes to School"

"Horrid Henry Takes the Blame"

"Horrid Henry and the Purple Pass"

"Horrid Henry Meets Mr. Tiddler"

"Horrid Henry's Movie Moments"

"Horrid Henry: Hashtag Henry"

"Horrid Henry Goes on Strike"

"Horrid Henry Moody Margaret for President"

"Horrid Henry and the Perfect Panto"

"Horrid Henry and the Catastrophic Cushion"

"Horrid Henry’s Birthday Bonanza"

"Horrid Henry Helps Out"

"Horrid Henry's Vile Vacation"

"Horrid Henry's Mighty Mission"

"Horrid Henry and the Game Changer"

"Horrid Henry Who's Who?"

"Horrid Henry Good Morning Henry"

"Horrid Henry Get the Message"

"Horrid Henry Gets the Gig"

"Horrid Henry and the Detention Club"

"Horrid Henry and the Raid of the Century"

"Horrid Henry and the Phantom Fish Filcher"

"Horrid Henry and the Tongue Twisters"

"Horrid Henry and the Number Gnomes Knowhow"

"Horrid Henry Is Too Cool for School"

"Horrid Henry’s Animal Antics"

"Horrid Henry: How to Be Horrid"

"Horrid Henry’s Top Ten Things"

"Horrid Henry Mixes It Up"

"Horrid Henry and the Evil Mastermind"

"Horrid Henry and the Miserable Musical"

"Horrid Henry’s Big Breakfast"

"Horrid Henry Looks at Love"

Season 5

"Horrid Henry’s Uber Homework"

"Horrid Henry and the Germy Germ"

"Horrid Henry: King Henry The Ninth"

"Horrid Henry and the 3D Nightmare"

"Horrid Henry: Silence Is Golden"

"Horrid Henry and the Marvellous Mind Reader"

"Horrid Henry and the Pet Show"

"Horrid Henry and the Demon Dentist"

"Horrid Henry and the Lucky Thing"

"Horrid Henry‘s Class Action"

"Horrid Henry‘s Titanic TV"

"Horrid Henry’s Magic Mayhem"

"Horrid Henry and the Detention Diva"

"Horrid Henry and the Red Roof Gang"

"Horrid Henry’s Girl Talk"

"Horrid Henry: The Road To Nowhere"

"Horrid Henry: Planet Of The Grapes"

"Horrid Henry: Eternal Schoolboy"

"Horrid Henry: How To Be Good"

"Horrid Henry and the Awful Author"

"Horrid Henry’s Teacher Talk"

"Horrid Henry and the Good Day, Bad Day"

"Horrid Henry: Anything You Can Do"

"Horrid Henry’s Parents Evening"

"Horrid Henry’s Dream Drone"

"Horrid Henry and the Funny Bunny Hop"

"Horrid Henry; Open For Business"

"Horrid Henry and the Snotslimer Redemption"

"Horrid Henry's Home Improvement"

"Horrid Henry; Mi Casa Es Tu Casa"

"Horrid Henry; Make Believe"

"Horrid Henry Stays Up All Night"

"Horrid Henry and the Jumper Jinx"

"Horrid Henry Wins the Cup"

"Horrid Henry Joins the Secret Club"

"Horrid Henry; Double Trouble"

"Horrid Henry and the Hotel Horrid"

"Horrid Henry and the Measly Mascot"

"Horrid Henry’s Most Horrid Day Ever"

"Horrid Henry: The Great Escape"

"Horrid Henry; My So Called Life"

"Horrid Henry and the Terrific Teenager"

Season 6

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