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December 11, 1991

Hook is a 1991 American fantasy adventure film that was released on December 11, 1991.


Peter Banning is a successful corporate lawyer in San Francisco, but his workaholic lifestyle strains his relationship with his wife Moira and children Jack and Maggie. The family prepares to fly to London to visit Moira's grandmother Wendy Darling. Peter, in effort to complete his work before leaving, inadvertently misses Jack's baseball game.

In London, Peter is still drawn away by work and yells at his children for interrupting a business call, causing Moira to throw Peter's cell phone away. That evening, Peter, Moira, and Wendy attend a charity dinner in Wendy's honor, while Tootles, an old friend of Wendy, watches over the children. When the adults return, they discover the house ransacked, the children missing, and a note supposedly written by Captain James Hook. Peter tries to involve the authorities, but Wendy tells Peter that he is really Peter Pan; Peter had visited her when she was a girl and had taken her to Neverland frequently, but while Peter never aged, Wendy grew older and eventually could not go. Peter met young Moira and fell in love with her, and decided to stay. He grew up, forgot his memories of Neverland, and became Peter Banning. Peter refuses to accept this story, but he then encounters Tinker Bell, who uses her pixie dust to bring him to Neverland.

Tinker Bell drops Peter within the ranks of Hook's pirates, but both she and Hook realize that Peter lacks any of the skills that Peter Pan used to have. Tinker Bell makes a deal with Hook to return Peter in three days for a climactic battle; Hook promises to return Peter's children if he wins. Tinker Bell takes Peter to the Lost Boys, currently led by Rufio. The Lost Boys initially scoff at the idea that Peter is Peter Pan, but with Tinker Bell's help, Peter finds using his imagination helps restore some of his abilities, though he remains unable to fly and fight against Rufio.

Meanwhile, Mr. Smee suggests to Hook to try to turn Peter's children against him. Though Maggie refuses to accept Hook as a father-figure, Jack is swayed, particularly after Hook has his pirates play a game of baseball. Peter, spying on Hook at the game, sees this and becomes depressed. Tinker Bell takes Peter to the treehouse that he brought Wendy and her brothers to as children. She not only does this to show him the happy memories of his past, and convinces him to come up with new happy memories, but to express that she has always loved him. Peter recalls how he was brought to Neverland as an infant by Tinker Bell, and then remembers the joy of becoming a parent, restoring his ability to fly. The Lost Boys cheer at his success, and Rufio cedes control to Peter.

On the third day, Peter and the Lost Boys arrive to fight the pirates as promised. Jack sees Peter trying to fight for him, and realizes what Hook had been trying to do. As Peter rescues Maggie and reunites with Jack, Rufio swordfights with Hook, but Hook fatally stabs him. Rufio tells Peter he wishes he had a father like him before dying. Inspired by Rufio's words, and Hook's vow to continue to come after his children, Peter has a one-on-one fight with Hook. Hook eventually is caught in the collapse of the taxidermied crocodile that had previously taken his hand and is killed. The remaining pirates surrender, ending the battle. While Peter wants to stay in Neverland, Tinker Bell reminds him of his family at home. Peter turns over the Lost Boys to Thud Butt to lead and then departs with Jack and Maggie.

Peter wakes back up in Kensington Gardens, where Tinker Bell says she will always love Peter before saying goodbye. Peter races to Wendy's house and sees Jack and Maggie, and they happily reunite with Wendy and Moira. Peter recalls Thud Butt having given him a bag of marbles before leaving, and gives it to Tootles, who had been a Lost Boy. The bag of marbles contains pixie dust, and Tootles uses it to fly out the window. Peter admits to Wendy that his adventures are not yet over as he hugs his family.

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