Season 1

"Get Away From My Mom"

"I Don't Do Well in Parent-Teacher Conferences"

"The Art of the Sucker Punch"

"Brendon Gets Rabies"

"Yoko"/"We'll Always Have Tuesday"

"Director's Cut"

"It Was Supposed to Be Funny"

"Method of Acting"

"Life Through a Fish Eye Lens"

"School Nurse"

"Mortgages and Marbles"

"Law and Boarder"

"Brendon's Choice"

Season 2


"Identifying a Body"


"Business and Pleasure"

"The Party"




"Class Trip"


"Writer's Block"

"Pizza Club"

"The Wedding"

Season 3

"Shore Leave"

"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"

"Bad Influences"

"Improving Your Life Through Improv"/"Sensitivity"

"Four's Company"


"My Cheatin' Heart"


"Storm Warning"

"Time To Pay The Price"/"A Life In The Day"

"Broken Dreams"/"That Smarts"


"Coffins and Cradles"

Season 4

"Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion"


"Bye Bye Greasy"

"The Heart Smashers"

"The Wizard's Baker"



"Honkey Magoo"

"Those Bitches Tried to Cheat Me"

"Cho and the Adventures of Amy Lee"

"Definite Possible Murder"

"Temporary Blindness"

"Focus Grill"

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