This sound effect can be found on The Premiere Edition Volume 1, which was made by The Hollywood Edge.


  • First recorded: 1978
  • Creator: John Moran
  • Owner: Soundelux (1978-1990), The Hollywood Edge (1990-2014), Sound Ideas (2014-present)
  • Origin: United States
  • Year debut: August 10, 1990
  • First heard: Air America (a TriStar film)
  • Area used: Worldwide
  • Cheesy Factor: None to low (because it may sound cheap but that's how stock sound effects are.)
  • Scare factor: Low

This sound effect was recorded by John Moran in 1978 and voiced by an Australian girl named Astoria Morgan, who was the daughter of a family friend of a Soundelux employee. Morgan had recorded two separate laughs that were combined together to give the illusion of two children laughing simultaneously. Morgan was 11 at the time of the recording.

This sound made its first appearance in the TriStar film, Air America on August 10, 1990. 3 days later, The Hollywood Edge later added it to the The Premiere Edition Volume 1 library. Later in 2014, Sound Ideas took over to acquire it after the bankruptcy of The Hollywood Edge.

It is also known as the "Diddy Laugh" (which is named after Diddy Kong when the laugh sound effect is used in the intro for Diddy Kong Racing). So far, over 50 million pieces of media use this sound effect and this children laughing sound is very popular.

There are variations of this sound like Hollywoodedge, Two Young Kids Giggle PE143501, which is a duplicate of this one. There's also Hollywoodedge, Fast Juicy Pie Splat CRT019701 from Cartoon Trax Volume 1 (also made by The Hollywood Edge) that includes a portion of this sound effect. Even Hollywoodedge, Laughing Several Ch OFS013601 and OFS013701 from The Off Stage Set Sound Effects Library include an echo-ey version of this sound effect.

Sound Effect Description

Giggling; Two Children, Close Perspective.


Clean, Full Length and Unedited Link to the Sound Effect

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PlayStation 2

  • DRIV3R (2004)

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  • Go For 2&5 - Mum I'm Hungry (2000's)
  • Kellogg's LCM's - Treehouse (2019)

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  • Bluebird Snacker (2003)
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  • Colgate Get Mouth Fit - Kieran Read (2017)


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  • Clarks - Win the Best School Trip EVER! (2014)
  • Cheerios - Make Friends With Morning! (2015)
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  • VTech - InnoTab MAX (2014)
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  • Noggin ID - Straw



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New Zealand:

  • Three - The Block NZ (2018) (Heard in a slightly high pitch.)
  • Toshiba Heat Pumps (2018)
  • Toyota - Toyota Certified Vehicles: Take Summer to the Next Level (2020)



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  • Slayer - Pride in Prejudice (2016)


  • Double Hemm Productions (2004-2007) (Logos)
  • Free Association (Logos)
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  • ImaginEngine Corp. (Logos)
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