This sound effect can be found on The Premiere Edition Volume 1, which was made by The Hollywood Edge.


  • First recorded: 1987
  • Creator: Lon Bender
  • Owner: Soundelux (1987-1990), The Hollywood Edge (1990-2014), Sound Ideas (2014-present)
  • Origin: United States
  • Year debut: September 25, 1987
  • First heard: The Princess Bride
  • Area used: Worldwide

Sound Effect Description

Bird, Seagull; Four Single Cries, Close Perspective.

Clean, Full Length and Unedited Link to the Sound Effect


Used In

TV Shows


Video Games


  • Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy
  • Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
  • Kid Pix Deluxe (1998) (Video Game) (Heard once in "At The Beach.")
  • Kid Pix Deluxe 3 (Video Game) (Heard once in "At The Beach.")
  • Kid Pix Deluxe 4 (Video Game) (Heard once in "At The Beach.")
  • MapleStory (2003) (Video Game) (Seacle death sounds only.)
  • SimCity 3000 Unlimited

PlayStation 2:

PlayStation 3:

PlayStation 4:

Xbox 360:

Xbox One:

Sega Genesis:

Nintendo Wii:

Nintendo Wii U:

Video and DVD



  • Powerball - $9 Million Jackpot (2005)



  • Noggin ID - Evolution (Heard once in a high pitch.)
  • Playhouse Disney "Hats" Station ID (2001-2007)
  • Boomerang Bumper "Sally The Girl Beach Ball"
  • Nickelodeon Bumper Moose and Zee Sun block (1006-1012)

Music Video

  • Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (2001)

Radio Spots/IDs/Audio Intros

New Zealand:

  • National Aquarium of New Zealand - Sea Week (2019)
  • Rova (2017)


YouTube Videos


Image Gallery

Hollywoodedge, Bird Seagull Four Sin PE021601/Image Gallery

Audio Samples

Hollywoodedge, Bird Seagull Four Sin PE021601
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