Soundeffects Wiki

Season 1

"The Tamayori Princess"

"Determined First Step"

"The Five Guardians"

"The Holy Woman's Advent"

"The Two Tasks"

"The Course of the Battle"

"The Breaking of Bonds"

"The Prediction of the Bureau of Medicine"

"The Rumbling of the Earth"

"The Guardian's Feelings"

"The Demon's Tradition"

"A Time for Battle"

"The Power of the Onikirimaru"

Season 2

"The Tamayori's Fate"

"Ominous Dark Clouds"

"The Traitor's Vow"

"The Destruction of the Five Guardian Families"

"The Truth of Tears"

"The Deceitful Heart"

"Memory of a Dream"

"Their Resolution"

"The Eternal Promise"

"The Power of the Gods"

"Scarlet Fragments"

"The Guardians' Awakening"

"The Eternal Pledge"