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November 30, 1994 (Philippines)
December 9, 1994 (United Kingdom)
January 27, 1995 (United States)

Highlander III: The Sorcerer, also known as Highlander IIIHighlander III: The MagicianHighlander III: The Final DimensionHighlander: The Final Dimension and Highlander 3: The Final Conflict, is a 1994 action-adventure fantasy film and the third installment in the Highlander film series. An alternate sequel to the original film, it is the final Highlander film that focuses on Connor MacLeod as the protagonist. In the film, Connor MacLeod is forced to face a new, dangerous enemy, a powerful sorcerer known as Kane who threatens to win the fabled "Prize" in order to gain world domination by eliminating MacLeod. It grossed $36.7 million worldwide.


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