Season 1

Tropical Birds

Animal Disguises

Nighttime Animals

Animal Appetites

Animal Survivors

Animal Senses

Animal Weapons

Animal Builders

Armored Animals

Mini Beasts

Animal Babies

Poisonous Animals

Animal Journeys

Season 2

Birds of Prey

Desert Animals

Scary Animals

Animal Records

Animal Colors

Animal Mothers

Animal Pets

Seashore Animals

Animal Families

Endangered Animals

An Animal Year

Prehistoric Animals

Monkeys and Apes

Season 3

Animal Hunters

Animal Talk

Slimy Animals

Rainforest Animals

Animal Acrobats

Underwater Animals

Animal Neighbors

Giant Animals

Creepy Crawly Animals

Farm Animals

Animal Changes

Extinct Animals

Animal Eggs

Season 4

Around the World Animals

Polar Animals

Clever Animals

Underground Animals

Animal Helpers

Woodland Animals

Mountain Animals

Backyard Animals

Tiny Animals

Animal Partners

Scaly Animals

River Animals

Animal Flight

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