Soundeffects Wiki


Ep. 1

I am Bakabon's Papa

Lies are for the Benefit of the People of the World

Ep. 2

I am a Junior at Bakada University

I Did Not Pick Up Nekobaba

Ep. 3

I Am the Genius, Hajime-chan

The Evening Glow is Mademoiselle's Red Dress

Ep. 4

I am~Achu~Kye

I will decide who the criminal is

Ep. 5

He looks like a barn

I will create English by myself

Ep. 6

The nighttime is the daytime

It's a God's Gift

Ep. 7

It's a Short-headed Teacher

A Reservation for a Murder-robbery

Ep. 8

Unagi-Inu is Here

The Secret of Unagi-Inu

Ep. 9

I Want to Be a Stone

Papa is a Cleaning Minister

Ep. 10

Papa Became a Policeman

Mr. Bird Was a Prince

Ep. 11

Shoe shining is scary

Where did the mummy go?

Ep. 12

It ’s a chair like a dog.

It's a police box interrogation diary.

Ep. 13

He's an American Papa!

America is All Foreigners

Ep. 14

Honkan's Bamboo Pole

Not so, But Drunk

Ep. 15

It ’s a three-pronged dream.

It ’s an assault performing arts policeman.

Ep. 16

The thief comes twice

The thief that came twice comes four times

Ep. 17

I ’m a Senior of the Transmission Machine.

It ’s a Secret Society, the Red Lizard Group.

Ep. 18

It ’s a life that breaks everything.

It ’s the god of the troubled person.

Ep. 19

Papa Runs Away from Home!

I Got Lost when I Ran Away from Home!

Ep. 20

It ’s a strong man.

Let's get a million yen!

Ep. 21

A long tongue is a good thing

Daddy fills everything

Ep. 22

Daddy patronizes!

I want even unpleasant rain

Ep. 23

Drink a grain and get fat

The criminal is vulnerable to kindness

Ep. 24

Who caught the Fish?

If you are kind, you will die

Ep. 25

The robot is a daddy

Do anything for Watermelons

Ep. 26

It ’s a Fake Bakabon.

Papa is One and Bakabon is Meow

Ep. 27

Papa is a Driving Expert!

Creak, Crickity Creak with a Violin

Ep. 28

It's an up-up sea

It's a daddy's memory diary

Ep. 29

Mom should be made in Japan

If it happens, it ’s a scary criminal.

Ep. 30

It ’s a daddy ’s carpenter ’s house.

It ’s just an eagle.

Ep. 31

It ’s a fortune-telling that is absolutely off.

It ’s better than the policeman.

Ep. 32

Hospitalization depends on money!

If you make up, you'll be worried about it

Ep. 33

Honesty sees naked

Pretending to be dead, I'm about to die

Ep. 34

It ’s a Soji demon of Lelele.

I remember when I forgot my debt

Ep. 35

The promise is hungry

It ’s a constellation, a gyoza, and a clothesline.

Ep. 36

It's a 10,000 yen house !?

What's the debt bird?

Ep. 37

Papa Became Small

Honkan's Newcomer

Ep. 38

The Witch Papa!

The Witch Papa Again!

Ep. 39

It ’s already a crazy bird.

The promise is exactly what God says

Ep. 40

I'm a dad who forgets in three steps

I'm Hideyo Noguchi, a doctor

Ep. 41

I'm a Tutor's Papa

Be Gentle With a False Illness

Ep. 42

Mokuyama's smoking cessation

Even so, I will help Papa quit smoking

Ep. 43

The customer is a turtle

I wish that the policeman will be happy

Ep. 44

I am skiing with bare hands!

Who is going to Hell?

Ep. 45

It ’s an iron beetle.

If it melts, it's an explosion.

Ep. 46

Papa Who Became a Cat

It ’s Like Papa, But It’s a Cat.