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November 27, 2017 - January 19, 2018

Heart and Greed (Chinese: 溏心風暴3) is a 2017 grand production drama produced by TVB and Tencent Penguin Pictures. It is the third installment of the Heart of Greed series following Moonlight Resonance. It stars Bosco Wong, Louise Lee, Ha Yu, Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, Louis Yuen and Joseph Lee from the previous installments, and with new additions Vincent Wong, Eliza Sam, Priscilla Wong, Ram Chiang, Sharon Chan, Michael Tong, Jason Chan.

The series is released on Tencent Video from Monday to Friday at 8:00pm. VIP members will be able to watch five new episodes one week ahead. It is then broadcast on TVB Jade at 9:30pm.

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Ling Lai Ying (Louise Lee) and her husband, Wong Wing Ching (Ha Yu), are a well-respected and family-oriented couple who worked hard for years expanding the family business, Ka Cheong Wong Limited, involving cafes, famous for their Hong Kong-style milk tea. In hopes for greater expansion, Wing Ching's sister-in-law, Leung Shun Wah (Susanna Kwan) and her younger brother, Leung Chan (Louis Yuen) attempts to persuade Wing Ching to go public with the company and pursue an IPO (Initial Public Offering). Wing Ching is opposed to idea, claiming that the family's educational background is limited and going public would be a high risk for the family business.

Meanwhile, Hui Nga Lun (Joseph Lee), an individual who Wing Ching deems as his "benefactor" after Nga Lun served as key witness in defending Wing Ching's innocence in a murder trial, experiences issues in his family's century-old printing business. The printing business was at risk of bankruptcy and Wing Ching is determined to help Nga Lun. Despite Wing Ching's previous concerns, he goes public with the family business and the two family businesses undergo a merger - forming the Hui Wong Group. Initially, members in both families are resistant to the idea. In particular, Yu Sau Wai (Michelle Yim), Nga Lun's wife self-proclaims the Hui family as part of some elite and wealthy class and the Wong family as more grassroots. However, Nga Lun recognizes that the options are scarce and Wing Ching views going public for Nga Lun is a worthwhile risk.

The merger triggers major changes to both businesses. With the changes, arise countless conflicts targeting the actions and decisions of members in both families. During this time, the Wong's only son, Wong Wai Ka (Vincent Wong), reconnects with the Hui's only daughter, Hui Bui Yi (Eliza Sam) whom he had met when they were very young children. The two develop feelings for one another, however when Sau Wai (Bui Yi's mother) suspects the potential for a relationship she openly rejects the idea and the two eventually part ways. Lai Ying was heartbroken for her son and later again for her daughter, Wong Yi Oi (Sharon Chan) who develops feelings for Cheng Lap On (Michael Tong), a married man, father, and highly regarded employee of the Hui Wong Group. Ling Shing Fung (Bosco Wong), Lai Ying's younger brother, is also embroiled in a never-ending obscure relationship with his friend, Fong Hei Man (Priscilla Wong).

The turmoil evolving from the merger spirals into a perpetual and relentless feud involving heartbreak and betrayal - testing the resilience, morale, and integrity of the Wong and Hui family.

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