Soundeffects Wiki

Holding Hands Tightly! We're Pretty Cure♥Cure Grace

No Longer Partners!? I Guess I'm No Good?

Overflowing Feelings! Transform Into Cure Fontaine!

I Want To Be Cute! The Birth of Cure Sparkle

Awkward Day at the Aquarium! We're All So Different

Where's Mom ~rate? The Great Escape!

Big Scoop!? Nodoka's Secret

Chiyu Can't Jump!? Trouble At The Athletics Tournament!

Hinata's Cute Plan!

Emergency Treatment! There are lots of Megabjögens!?

Combining Powers! Miracle Healing!

Thoughts As One!? The Great Teamwork Plan

To Quit or Not Quit? What's Bothering Hinata!

Energy Source! Sukoyaka Festival!

First Fight, Nodoka and Rabirin Grow Apart

Friendship Vows Under the Eternal Tree

Finest Hospitality Trainee Innkeeper

Heart Flutter! Grateful Nyatoran

Save Rate! Wind of Prayers and Miracle Girl

Unite our Wishes! We are Cure Earth

Nice to meet you! I'm Asumi Fuurin

Please Don't Run Away Rate! A Disappearing Body And Blooming Feelings