This show mainly uses Animal Trax, Hanna-Barbera, The Premiere Edition Volume 1 and Warner Bros. with a few sound effects from Cartoon Trax Volume 1, Series 4000 and Series 6000. It only uses eighteen Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, fifteen The Edge Edition Volume 1, fourteen Series 1000, ten Universal Studios, eight Series 2000, four Cartoon Express, Elektra Records and The Super Single Volume 1, three Classic TV and Series 6000 Extension I, two Background Trax, Premiere Edition Volume 2 (three if you count Hollywoodedge, Crunchy Fist Impact PE247301) and Laughs, Cheers & Applause, and only one Citi Trax, The Edge Edition Volume 2, Series 5000 Wheels, Series 6000 Extension II and Super Single Volume 2. It even had its own sound effects library.

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