Soundeffects Wiki

Season 1

"Bannon Custody Battle"

"Very Personal Injury"

"Shaggy Busted"

"Death by Chocolate"

"Shoyu Weenie"

"The Dabba Don"

"Deadomutt, Part 1"

"Deadomutt, Part 2"

"X, the Exterminator"

Season 2


"Trio's Company"

"The Devlin Made Me Do It"

"High Speed Buggy Chase"

"Back to the Present"

"Blackwatch Plaid"

"Grape Juiced"

"Peanut Puberty"

"Gone Efficien...t"

"Droopy Botox"

"Guitar Control"

Season 3

"Booty Noir"

"Harvey's Civvy"

"X Gets the Crest"

"Bird Girl of Guantanamole"

"Turner Classic Birdman"

"Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs"

"Evolutionary War"

"Free Magilla"

"Return of Birdgirl"


"Sebben and Sebben Employee Orientation"

"Identity Theft"

Season 4

"Shazzan"/"Mufti Trouble"

"Incredible Hippo"




"Juror in Court"

"The Death of Harvey"

Harvey Birdman: Attorney General